A Vision ~ Vaux Le Vicomte

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte, a baroque style castle just outside of Paris, is the setting of splendor and magnificence.  After a visit, it inspired Louis XIV to renovate and expand the Palace of Versailles.  He moved his court there and it became the symbol of the seat of power in France.

Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances for the king, built the château beginning in 1658.  In order to create the château, gardens, and stable - three villages were destroyed.  The misplaced then became employees of Fouquet.  (That would explain the angry villagers show that was being preformed around dusk at the entrance to the château.)

The large stable exhibits elaborate horse drawn carriages.

With the "dream team" of Louis le Vaux, the architect, Andre le Notre, the landscape designer, and Charles le Brun, the decorator and painter extraordinaire, the "magnificent manor" that later marked the Louis XIV style was created.  Later the same three men went on to the renovation and expansion of the Palace of Versailles.

Nicolas Foquet wanted a carpet of flowers in harmony with the lawns and clipped hedges along with the water fountains, each representing the new age of elegance.

Fouquet's lavish lifestyle increased the jealousy of other ambitious ministers of the king. He was accused of misappropriation of funds.   Nicolas Fouquet was charged with treason and thrown into prison for the rest of his days.  Louis XIV confiscated many tapestries, art and all the orange trees for himself.

"On 17 August at 6 in the evening, Fouquet was King of France; at 2 in the morning, he was nobody." wrote Voltaire

Saint Germain Jewel


Hotel Recamier~Tucked into a fashionable corner at Saint Sulpice on the left bank was a little jewel of a hotel.   With French flair and a fashionable address in the upscale Saint Germain Des Pres neighborhood, I felt at home in Paris.

At one time this was the home of Madame Recamier, a French socialite and celebrity of sorts.  A bust of her is seen on each of the 6 floors.  Each floor has a color scheme ranging from grays and taupes to coral and soft green.  A signature sunburst mirror hangs in each room.

 After a thoughtful renovation by Jean Louis Denoit, who artfully mixed many styles, it has a decidedly cozy French feel with a strong neoclassical influence and a "dash of drama."  And who loves that??

Oh, and look who I ran into while I was there, Nathan Turner!  He was adorable and friendly.  We had a nice chat.  I asked about next season's Million Dollar Decorators; he told me they haven't signed on yet.  I am sure it will be back, though.  Love that show!  Check out Nathan's guest editor page on
 One Kings Lane for secrets and sources.

The Recamier was tranquil and serene.  It has beautiful views overlooking the Saint Sulpice Church and its beautiful fountain.  The staff was friendly and helpful, and every detail was well thought out.

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The Nuts & Bolts of Back to School

What to do with all the school supplies you undoubtedly bought at the annual back to school sale at the big box store?  The visual merchandising department in a London shop had a few ideas ~

Paper and pencils and post it's, Oh my

Dorm room decor? Seems scratchy ~

Rebecca Murtaugh

Origami is a great way to pass the time, but not IN class.  This is why you must stay in school, kids

Richard Sweeney #1


Mrs. Myers in 5th grade wanted us to bring in clothes pins, but we never did anything like this~ This must be more of an FIT thing*

* Fashion Institute of Technology
all photos, unless otherwise noted: Zachary Schwartz

The City Of Lights

Radisson Blu Metropolitan Hotel
I'm off...




Hotel Shangri La

 I am so looking forward to a week full of  romance and inspiration. I will be anxious to share stories and beautiful pictures.   A` la semaine prochaine!

Everland Hotel

Nomiya Restaurant

Let me tell you a little story ~ 15 years ago I went to Paris on my honeymoon.  Half way through the trip, all our luggage was stolen out of the trunk of our rental car.  Clothes, jewelry, make-up, everything!  We were devastated, but determined to not let it destroy our vacation.  We washed out our 1 outfit in the hotel sink and soldiered on.  We vowed we would go back one day... and that day is today.


Plaza Athenee


Hotel Balzac

Check back ~ je te souhaite un bonne semaine!
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