Hygge in your Home

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Hygge (Hue gah) The Danish concept of wellbeing is created when enjoying good food and drink with friends and family in a warm, welcoming, cozy space.  It is more of a feeling, a mood, rather than a specific set of circumstances.  The simple chic of a fuss free environment that is well organized and designed for maximum comfort is the hallmark of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  We could take a page out of the Scandanavian playbook.

Melanie Turner

There is a reason why Nordic people are considered the happiest people on earth even in the face of harsh winters, much of which is spent in darkness.  G-d that sounds bleak!

There was a banishing of ornate interiors, unlike Europeans, the Scandinavian people take a more practical "less is more'' approach.  Clean lines with a sophisticated appeal, functionality and creating intimacy are priorities.  Accessories or accent pieces are kept to a minimum, but they must have weight or substance.  The Nords understand that clutter must be kept at bay and possessions should serve you in some way.

Jeffery Alan Marks
If you want to add a little hygge to your home, here's how ~

Add candles
Add texture
Make sure each room is a sanctuary
Keep it simple, its not about excess

Higgle is about a quality of life.  It feels like a warm hug and smells like cocoa.

Rob Mills

                                                              Jonas Ingerstedt

Hygge is a mindfulness; living each day well, slowing down, enjoying the ride, being present, having a cup of tea, having close connections.  Scandinavian people really know how to embrace Living Beauty-FULLY, plus they do have the added benefit the amazing Aurora Borealis.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must rush out a buy a sheepskin!


Happy Holidays

                                               BE PRESENT, BE MERRY, BE BRIGHT
                                  From my house to yours, wishing you a lovely holiday. 

photo:me, Design:Robert Passel, Holiday House 2015

The Gift of You

They say it is better to give than receive.  Well, I often think (no matter the decision at hand) why do I have to pick one or the other?  So, here's an idea that makes you the giver AND the receiver.

Give the gift of happiness, acceptance, worthiness, abundance.  Make this the year of "good enough!"
We spend so much time and energy beating ourselves up verbally with a lot of negative self talk, comparing ourselves to others, fearing failure and a whole host of other messages that mess us up.  We are bombarded with so much these days; staying on track, living authentically, listening to your inner voice and not the outer world  ~ it can be difficult.

Why not make the New Year the year of Enough.  The year of Living BeautiFULLY!  Make possible the joy of giving and the lifelong benefits of receiving.  That's a win/win if I have ever heard of one.  Break the vicious cycle and spend time more fully engaged in what makes you merry and bright.

Set the intention to work with me to help you clear blocks that keep you in the vicious cycle of lack and attack.  Email me to see if this is the year to get clear, get coached and get on with your life.  

3 and 6 month packages available or virtual design perhaps, to make sure your outer space matches your inner space.

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Current Obsessions

Apparently, as my husband pointed out, I am obsessed by many things.  What can I say?  I feel passionate about so much.  I though it would be fun to let you in on all my current obsessions, as many make great holiday gifts to give or to get!

Anything Tom Ford Beauty ~ if you have not invested in this man's make up, you don't know what you're missing.  The lip sticks don't move and the nail polishes, while a little pricey, last for weeks without chipping and are healthier for your nails than gel!  Many of the fragrances are unisex and could be considered a two-fer.

Chef Stephanie Nass has created these amazing cake sheets.  I discovered her on Instagram.  Each takes a plain cake and turns it into an artful, delicious surprise; a fool proof way to elevate your little baked good.  Videos on her website explain the easy application so even a novice appears professional.

For someone who travels a lot, this is just a good investment  : )  Goyard envelopes come in three sizes.  I want the large one.  It is easy to pack, holds makeup or other essentials, then doubles as a clutch.  A perfect little muti-tasker.

I love all things truffle.  These terrific tubers make any meal more decadent.  I think this is what heaven smells like!  Since truffles are one of the most expensive foods in the world, Gift baskets with oils, salt and sauces make it a more practical way to enjoy it.

I discovered Vitajuwel water bottles and vials when I was at a spa in California.  I don't know if the different gem stones truly change the energy within the water, but I am willing to believe it does!  Each gem stone has different properties; relaxation, detoxification, aid in digestion, balance, depending on your desired effect.  They work as well in water as in wine.  This might be my new go to hostess gift.

And ANNA previously of Rablabs has created these VIDA gem stone ice cubes.  There seems to be a theme developing here.  Made for whiskey or white wine, I find these to be a unique and delightful hostess gift.  The entire product line by ANNA is wonderful.  I am a huge fan of anything agate, but these "rocks" are kind of WOW.  They are like little gifts in your freezer waiting to be put to good use.

Alessandro Michele was woken up Gucci to cult status over the past few years.  Each piece is visually stimulating with its combination of color, trim, appliqués, and embroidery featuring snakes, butterflies and flowers.  I would pull 1 piece away or add an accessory to wake up my neutral wardrobe and by neutral I mean black.

As a new coach, I would be remiss if I did not include some kind of personal growth or intention setting suggestion.  I love listening to podcasts, getting motivational messages each day and feeling as if I am really living consciously.  Hay House has brought together the best of the best in the business of inspired living.  It is time well spent, because as I am reminded, thoughts become things and there is no room for negativity.

I ask myself everyday ~ What can I do better?  How can I do better?  What do I need?  What does my business need of me?  And when I am I going to move???

1st photo:Harry Carr via Chanel

L'Amour et Savior Vivre

Love and the art of knowing how to live well ~ the essence of how to live well, setting the intention, whether setting a beautiful table, surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy, making the most beautiful home you can, caring about going that extra step ~ whatever that looks like.  That essence is Juliska's motto: L'amour et savior vivre as they say.

I love the video about the story of Juliska and its founders, Capucine and David  Gooding ~ it's a love story wrapped within a story of creativity, drive, hard work and ultimately success.


"We believe in savoring the moment, loving your life, being bold, making your own rules and always finding reasons to celebrate!"

I always admired the pieces that came out of Juliska's factory, including the handmade quality, the beauty in the simplicity of the glass, the European essence of their toile and marbleized collection.  I am enamored with this couple, their backstory and the manifesto or message that guides their business and has led them to celebrate life's journey with the same joie de vie or love of living well.  Beauty and integrity go hand in hand.  I can get behind that!

There is a promotion on Gilt.com right now in the form of a discount for Juliska products. This is a wonderful opportunity to stock up before the holiday.  I am just helping spread the  💖.

This is what Living Beauti~FULLY is all about, making the everyday extraordinary!

 You're welcome!

Shopping with Viyet

I was thrilled when Viyet asked me to curate a selection of lust worthy gifts from their holiday sampling that I might love to give or receive.  See my wish list here

Viyet is a visually beautiful on line resource to buy and sell high end designer furnishings and accessories, often only accessible through designers and trade only showrooms.  With prices 50% to 80% off retail, it puts designer decorating in the hands everyone!

Viet's commitment to customer service, their professionalism and handling of all aspects of the buying or selling process makes them delightful to work with.  I speak from experience!

Thayer and Milo Make Magic

Thayer Coggin has carved out a unique identity in the furniture market.  I have long admired Thayer Coggin's designs.  It was a thrill to go behind the scenes in their High Point, North Carolina showroom/workroom.  It is a family owned and operated business celebrating 60 years.

Thayer Coggin's commitment to mid-century modern, classic design has a lot to do with his lead designer, Milo Baughman (1923-2003).  Milo joined forces with Thayer in the 1950's.  The magic of his unwavering commitment to classic design, uncompromising restraint, and simplicity were the benchmarks of an enduring style.  The collaboration of these two men on designs, engineering and building techniques defined the mid century modern era and beyond.  They created some of the most classic, iconic furniture that has stood the test of time.   Milo was inducted into the furniture designer hall of fame in 1987

The Reynold's lounge chair at this market is a reintroduction of the Art Deco chair by Milo.
He was known for his love of lounge chairs in particular.

"Make it the best it can be made" is the motto they live by at Thayer Coggin.  Each piece is completely custom built, by master craftsmen, many whom have been with the company for decades.  There does seem to be a certain mystique, or maybe it's love, that goes into each piece.

I loved that some aspects of the workroom floor were untouched by time.

or maybe it is as if time has stood still

There is a lifelong licensing agreement in place, so as long as there is the company Thayer Coggin, the designs of Milo Baughman will live on!  You can't mess with perfection.  Many a company has reproduced the look because, after all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

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