A Coastal Journey ~ Blogtourcali ~ part 2

This Blogtour was also deemed, "The well designed life."  To live well is to live a healthy life style certainly, but it also includes creating an environment that sets you up for personal well being and as much as possible, surrounding yourself with beauty (whatever that means to you) and that which brings you happiness. 

     We oohed and aahed for hours, taking in the beautiful coastline.  It
         never gets old!You can't help but decompress when surrounded by 
          such natural beauty.  Something bigger than you helps keep things in
perspective.  You have never heard adults get so
                                      excited at the sight of sea lions


Friendship, connections, family, faith all are crucial to our personal well being, and I would add the feeling of belonging; finding "your tribe," "kindred spirits," interacting with those that share your passion or understand your vision.

What better place to take a little time to bliss out than The Bacara Resort?  Mr.Steam, Martha to be exact (above in red), lead us thru a journey of relaxation by extolling the virtue of incorporating steam into a bathing ritual after a little centering yoga.

Unwinding was easy as Ta Mé (pronounced Tammy) lead us thru our downward dogs and warriors on a bluff overlooking the ocean.  Mindfulness and quieting the (monkey) mind is crucial for a more harmonious, centered life.


We were like jello afterwards!  Back on the bus, feeling oh so zen, I was lulled to sleep, putting to good use the sleep mask I won playing Mr(s). Steam's version of spin the wheel.  Martha was too much fun (as I was about to find out)


Cambria was calling.  It's a gem of a coastal town.  The kind of place where you feel like you could escape to go "off the grid"

Caliza Winery was a blast.  The vintners could not have been nicer and chef Jeffery C. Scott's  meal was off the hook.  As the sun faded and the wine flowed, the conversation turned to song.  I cannot remember when was the last time I got up and broke into song (if ever).  That Martha (aka Mrs Steam) knows how to have a good time!


My room at the Cambria Landing was perfection.  The ocean lulled me to sleep and greeted me in the morning; another important component to living well:  adequate SLEEP.  Good thing, as I know there's another fun filled day ahead.  Now I am #readyforanything

But wait… there's more (I know, hard to believe, right?)…. you can't miss Part 3

photos: * Irene Turner ** Chasen West, *** Cynthia Bogart, all others CLI

California Dreamin ~ Blogtourcali ~ part 1

I'm baaack... from a slightly extended stay in California.  Oh my, how to find the words to describe the amazing time that was BlogtourCali.  I seriously do not know where to begin.  It was the kind of experience where you knew you were forever changed in some small way; feeling newly inspired, feeling like you made connections that will last beyond the days spent laughing till you were crying, discussing design, business, family, breaking out in song, and so much more.  It was the kind of experience that made you grateful you were part of a community where people feel so much passion and everyone wants to support you in ways you hadn't even considered.  It is infectious and you want to return that in kind!

There is a lot to think thru so I will begin with a summary in pictures.

From the beauty of Santa Monica ~

          Our fabulous hotel, The Huntley is a blog post all by itself

      Looking towards Malibu (insert heavy sigh)

to the beach scene ~

to the street scene ~

     Excuse me ~ this is a parking garage. LOVE IT! They did something
     #clever; there was an illuminated sign listing the number of spots that
      were left in the garage - details people

Design minded-ness is everywhere.  Just because something must be utilitarian doesn't mean it can't be attractive or whimsical!

From dawn till dusk ~

I ate well ~

and drank well ~

hell, we didn't just drink, we learned the finer points of making our own cocktails from a master mixologist

I made new friends ~
      some of whom are Irene Turner, Kim Salter, Michele Alfano, 
       Andrew Dunning, and Sharon Mccormick

and reconnected with old friends ~
       great to see Lori Gilder and Erica Islas

we posed in silly poses ~

       The exterior of Miele Beverly Hills showroom was the office of the
        popular Charlie's Angels TV show.  It is still a stop on the tour bus ride
        around LA.  Patti Johnson, myself and Sharon Mccormick HAD to
         recreate the famous stance.

           Jonathan Legate and Margot Austin: twins on the Streets of San


and played silly games ~

       right Jonathan Legate?

We found fabulous resources at WestEdge Design Fair ~

       The Barker Hanger was really cool with planes literally taking off every
       15 minutes or so. overhead.  The show was well curated and intimate
       which made it nice.  You really got a chance to talk to the designers
       about their product.

     I sourced:

Kathryn M. Ireland and Grange

EIS Studio pebble seats

Rohl rock crystal faucet

Top Brew by Scanomat

St. Frank one of a kind Textiles

Barkskin by Caba Co.

And I fell in love with a little Pomeranian named Jiff ~

       who has over 400,000 twitter followers, btw

      You know I am a freak for cool lighting and there was plenty

As Usher's Can't Stop, Won't Stop spins atop the elevated DJ booth, I felt exhausted and exhilarated!  I knew we were in for an action packed, fun filled couple of days!

AND Blogtour rocked and rolled on ~ stay tuned for more...