Splash of Color

Eco Friendly paint goes airbourne in the hands of photographers Floto + Warner's creative eye.  I am mesmerized by the beauty of this commercial meets artistic project that elevates non toxic paint to star status.

The "Colorant" project using Behar, Benjamin Moore, CB Paint, Farrow and Ball, as well as Sherwin Williams water based paints is the headliner and mother nature's beautiful backdrop elevates the photos to otherworldly.

We call the Colourants floating sculptural events. They are short-lived anomalies that pass you by at an imperceptible flash - fleeting moments that block and obscure the landscape, a momentary graffiti of air and space.

That is sort of what we love about photography, its ability to take the transitory and make it permanent
,” says the duo. 

There was no photoshop involved in the making of these photos.

It is a fleeting momernt captured in time. This is a lovely reminder that being mindful of present moments is a gift because everything is impermanent.

Beautiful Illusion

 "My houses are more than homes— they are temples.  Wherever I go, I create them.  I live in my own temple within my own time, my own music, my own art, my own loved ones. Each element that I select has an aesthetic power or spiritual significance that elevates me.  I don’t think in terms of design, but rather in a layering of my life experiences.  Spaces have their own energies, and each layer that is added changes and influences the energy of a place. "

I was reading an article about Argentine hotelier and real estate developer Alan Faenarecently in Elle Decor and everything this man said struck me.  As I get ready to head south for the winter visiting the famous Faena hotel is on my "to do" list.  If you don't know him, you may  know his over the top properties.  He created an entire FAENA district in Miami, encompassing a hotel, event spaces, retail and restaurants making an immersive experience the goal.

Mr Faena's own Spanish style Miami home, designed with the help of Diego Pereira Luchetta, expresses his desire to arrive at what he calls, his beautiful illusion.  Alan says over the top interiors energize and delight him!

Each piece of furniture whether it be Regency, Louis XIV, Spanish, English, Italian Rococo or a custom Faena design gives energy to another, influencing one another, and the addition of bold art intricately fills in the pieces of a puzzle of a life fueled by authenticity, curiosity and creativity.

Alan Faena's thoughts, values, art, perceptions, religion, spirituality, and desires merge together into some kind of beautifully chaotic harmony.   The deep colors and rich layers are like a tapestry evolving over a lifetime.

Nourishing a childhood dream, a desire to be transparent and magical thinking have given Alan the push to be creative and create.  When thinking about his own home, creating a temple where one is renewed, is a sort of a layering process.  Each piece, each experience, family and friends bring a richness, another layer to the whole.  Every space has energy.  Alan feeds off of the energy he creates.  Spiritual deities and crystals are seen in many of the rooms.  They really speak to energy and not religion.

There are so many great quotes in the Elle Decor article, but I will leave you with this last one.

 "I am who I am because of the spaces I create - they allow me to live in absolute peace with myself and the exterior world."         

OK, one more, " What matters most is not the end goal but rather my daily transformations along the way"

I like this man's energy!!  


photos:Douglas Freidman 

Our Imprinted Past

It is hard to find the time to publish blog posts while trying to write a book.  This shit is hard!

I was so moved by Wendy Goodman's story in Elle Decor that I wanted you to see it.  Click here
so you can read the story in its entirety.  It is about Wendy's beautiful memories of her friend's and neighbor's home in Sands Point on Long Island Sound, NY, where she spent summers as a child.  The reason why I am so enamored with the story is that at this very moment I happen to be at the point in my book where I am discussing how our childhood memories of home are imprinted on us.  We carry many of those memories forward as we design our own homes.  The happiness and safety found in those early experiences influence us, envelop us in the warmth of our recollections of how we felt.  We often  recreate spaces from our past or take a cue from them ~ a color, a specific design aestetic and make it our own.

Wendy's vivd memories, as illustrated because there are no photos, tell a tale of mystery and adventure.  We sense the joy Wendy felt as she remebers the kitchen and the backyard with the smells and feelings it evoked.  Mrs. Harriman's bedroom was mysterious and left the impression it was a place of seclusion with its blue and white decor   ~  It's pretty powerful stuff!

Think about your own childhood environments:  your grandparents' or parents' home, or as in Wendy's case, the next door neighbor's home, that may have influenced you.  Can you trace back how you might have carried forth or been influenced by a beloved environment from your past?

illustration by Maira Kalman

Help Wanted

I am busy, busy over here being an author.  I love saying that!
This is the biggest, scariest thing I have ever tackled to date but that isn't stopping me.  I need  your help.  As I am thinking about the myriad of things that go into writing a book, the #1 goal is to solve a problem for my reader.

If you were reading a book about how your home can heal you on a deeper level, a holistic approach to live your most joy filled, authentic life ~ How can I serve you?

What would you want to learn having to do with how your home is a part of a bigger picture?
The connection between home, mind, body, spirit.

Are you interested in -
                                   better relationships
                                   interconnection between chakras, gut health, positive psychology and home                  

What areas do you struggle with?
                             not enough; time, money, happiness
                             thoughts that cause suffering
                             showing up for yourself

I really want to know anything that comes up when  you think of these questions!  You would be helping me steer my book in a clear direction that hopefully would encourage you towards transformation on your own hero's journey and of course the role your home plays.

Feel free to comment here or drop me an email at carrie@carrieleskowitzinteriors.com

                                                         Thank you

Say Whaaat?

I have come to a fork in the road. I have decided to do something that has been on my mind for some time now. The only thing that has stopped me from taking this next step is fear.  Is fear even a real thing or  a story we tell ourselves to keep us safe. I don't mean safe as in we are literally in danger, I mean safe as in keeping us in our comfort zone. Not taking a risk, playing it small. Life is too short to play it small! SO ~

                                                   I AM WRITING A BOOK

                                                              WISH ME LUCK

Ham and Cheese Please

A magnificent 1920's Palm Beach mansion I pass fairly often is affectionately known as the Ham and Cheese House because of the bands of brick and coral stone design.  It is a sight to behold and not just because of its eye catching exterior.  

Designer Susan Zises Green was tasked with the job of updating the decor of this locally famous Italian Romanesque home originally called Casa Eleda  (Adele backwards, named for the wife of  banker Mortimer Schiff, who built the home). 

With 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space,  Zises Green had her work cut out for her.  She had to create modern day livability from a gilded age mansion.  She wanted to" lighten and brighten" in an effort to "create a joyous environment" for their children and grandchildren. 

Original architecture; moldings, mantels, chandeliers and more remained to honor the home's history and the architect, Maurice Fatio's vision.  Ocean views on one side and lush garden views on the other make very room a room with a view! 

 "The house deserved to have its history show" Susan said.  Large rooms were made more intimate with several seating areas.  I imagine the colors were inspired by the patina of the original floors,
ceilings and quintessential Florida architecture.  Creams, corals and dusty pinks speak to the terra cotta and brick while the "lettuce green" Venetian plaster clad dining room walls took its cues from the incredible hand painted and coffered ceiling  as well as the plantings beyond. 

The stunning kitchen by Offiine Gullo is very "of the moment" but has a vintage feel.  This Italian company prides themselves on creating modern masterpieces.  No detail was overlooked in this kitchen, including a pizza oven.

The dark media room is a nice respite from all the brighter spaces.

The gardens and hardscaping were designed by Mario Nievera.  He and his partner also has quite an impressive resume.

I feel so fortunate to be able to get a peek inside this fabled home that I drive by.  I could see idling many a happy day here.

photos: Francesco Lagnese,  top exterior:CLI