Deconstructing A Chair ~

If you have good bones, the rest is about making it pretty

I am a BIG fan of reupholstering furniture.  Granted, it is generally as expensive as buying new, but I like the "green" factor.  If it's a family heirloom, means something to a client, or is just built well and looks good but needs a little makeover, reupholstering a piece is often a great alternative to trashing it. 

 Often I have things delivered to my upholsterer without much thought to the many steps involved.  Let's take a look ~

While this Bergere chair did have a nice fabric on it, it did not go with our new color scheme and it needed some TLC

so we removed the old fabric and 1st layer of cotton

The chair was checked for cracks, nicks or any compromised components.  This is when it would be touched up or glued if necessary.

The new fabric goes to the cutter and each section is measured TWICE and cut ONCE

Scraps of fabric are sewn around edges of each section to secure fabric on the chair.  I thought this was brilliant because you don't waste expensive fabric inside the chair where it won't be seen

It then goes to the upholsterer where he applies a fresh layer of cotton and rebuilds the foundation with the existing foam.  Then the fabric is tucked and stapled into place

The sewer makes the casings for the cushions and they are stuffed accordingly.  We went with a 50/50 down fill for a slightly firmer feeling.

The sewer is also making the welting that we will wrap around the frame where it meets the fabric so any staples will be hidden and it really gives a finished appearance.  However, in this case the welting was too thick and I didn't like the way it looked.  We opted for a gimp trim instead

I don't want to show you too much ~ waiting for the BIG reveal.  Suffice to say, the chairs came out great and the room is going to be GORGEOUS!

Just using the lighter fabric instantly made the chair more visually exciting and lighter in feel.  The geometric pattern modernized the French style chair.  I am really loving it now.  It's clean and fresh, not dark and stodgy.

Think about how you can simply reupholster a piece that may not be working anymore.

Fabric is Brunschwig & Fils: square dance figured velvet

Apthorp ~ A Study in Restraint (with a twist)

I stand corrected.  I was wrong, par-donne, mi dispiace, förlåt!
I have been known to say that I don't need to see one more light fixture made from paper plates or a   cocktail table made out of a door.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into the magnificent sample apartment at the ultra exclusive, landmark building:  Apthorp.  There in the middle of this elegant, swanky apartment hung a giant, biomorphic looking light fixture.  I commented on how interesting I thought it was and the rental agent said, "It's made from paper plates."  I said "No way" and ran for a better view.

Bravo, Stephen Sills, the designer of this sample apartment.  It is elegant and understated with it's grey and lilac tones subtly changing color in the shifting light.

Model 6M is a 2 bedrm, 2.5 bath, 1,838 sq. ft. beauty.  It can be yours for a mere $3,950,000.00

God dammit ~ Now, where's my stapler?

ph: The Apthorp, CLI

Whoopie for WU ~ part deux




When the big, red doors, like those to The Forbidden City opened, with the gold nailheads and foo dog knockers and the smoke cleared, I held my breath

From the royal court of the Qing Dynasty to the 1940's military inspired jackets of a bygone era, Jason  romanticized, deconstructed  and embellished classic pieces and reinterpreted them thru multicultural eyes.

Adding opulent touches like fur, gold, epaulets, studs and crystals, each piece was elevated and perfectly integrated into this magnificent collection.
This coat ~ I NEED

Was the hardware on this hat a reference to his Brizo collaboration?   I'm thinking.... YES

The suits and dresses, honestly, everything was exceptional and WEARABLE!

Drum Roll  please ~ The WU Dynasty

Bravo Jason Wu, bravo

If you missed  Jason Wu ~ part un

photos: Jayme Thornton

BRIZO ~ A Brand That Dreams

The team at Brizo, the faucet company that is passionate about the meeting of form, function, and fashion, has created a unique niche in the kitchen/bath faucet category.  Their mission is to bring unparalleled design into the home; coupling it with state of the art technology.  I got to see this firsthand when along with other bloggers I was invited for a three-day stay in NYC.

Brizo, (pronounced Breezo--that took us all by surprise) came from the name of a Greek Goddess, a soother, an enchantress.  Designed to surprise and delight you, they have incorporated unexpected touches.  Like jewelry for the home; there is a style for every style and a form for every function.

I was fascinated hearing the stories for which each style was inspired.  Brizo collaborates with trendspotters and works about 2 years out, while refining every 6 months.

So many choices; each unique in its own right.  There is a tremendous amount of research and development that goes into each suite.  We, as bloggers, designers, and architects were privileged to be asked our thoughts and opinions.  Brizo is a company that is passionate about product performance and the users' experiences.
Have you ever given thought to how water looks as it leaves the facet?  Brizo has ~ and it must be beautiful as well.

The RSVP with its Swarovski crystal top is art nouveau inspired.  It oozes glamour.  Many of Brizo's products speak to the shape of the female form ~

The Velo, with its sculptural swan shape, mix of materials, including the new coco bronze and optional accessories make it a stand out ~ coming this spring

The Siderna, with it's beautiful glass handle accents, is a sleek study in contrasts ~

We were privy to top secret prototypes.  All I can say is ~ they are shaking up the faucet category with their forward thinking designs!

And you know the best part ~ Brizo's association with Jason Wu.

Brizo has sponsored Jason since he was a virtual new comer.  Their shared aesthetic of marrying forward thinking design with innovation led to the sleek, chic matte black collection:  Fashion For The Home

With its baroque flower pattern and clean lines, it is old world beauty modernized.  It's new, it's fresh.  I've never seen anything like it and I want it!  Available this spring or presently as a  pre order.

Thank you Brizo ~ keep dreaming!

Come back for the fashion show coverage

This was an all inclusive trip thru Brizo, but the opinions are my own.

Ph; Brizo, CLI, Jayme Thornton

When Is a Log Not a Log?


Fireplaces look unfinished to me without something in them.  Not everyone uses their fireplace to burn wood.  If that's the case, I am into "log alternatives."  Faux wood if you will, but obvious faux wood; interesting faux wood, glamorous faux wood.

Like Porcelain ~
Klein Reid

 ph:Hulya Kolabas

Glass ~

Selenite Crystal ~  these have an added bonus~they rid your room of its negative energy

ph: Tinkerbox studio

Great alternatives to a real wood burning fire; they up the WOW factor and provide that dash of drama!