The Year in Review

Ombre was a big trend this past year.  In 2014 it is morphing into a painterly pattern trend.  The color blue, particularly indigo, seems to be leading the way.

What other posts made an impact in 2013?

The Affordable Art Fair : It's Relative.  I discovered America Martin, who's authentic voice I really admire! 

Decorating with Antiques is always a good idea

Wishing On a Wishbone talks of my love for the wishbone chair, and apparently yours too.

The Brilliance of Baccarat. You thought you liked the chandeliers, the new tower will be a jewel in Manhattan's skyline

Dorm Room Decorating proved people of all ages are interested in a well designed space

A Meditative Moment.  Isn't it high time you created a contemplative place?

I'm Agape for Agate.  This gorgeous rock makes its way into everything!

All Eyes are on Fall.  What will be on our radar this coming year?  Hmm...

… stay tuned

and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Making Choices, 2014

The New Year is a perfect time to take stock, find that perfect balance ~ what's working, what's not?
Is your body strong and healthy?  Is your home free of excess clutter?  Are you passionate about your life and/or career?  Are your relationships mutually satisfying?  It's never too late to turn over a new leaf.  I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, but I do believe in choice and I...

                           Choose Health ~ Physical, emotional, mental; we're all a work in progress

                     Choose  Organization ~ clear away the "stuff", it frees the mind

Out with the old, in with the new.  I have a few design projects, more tweaking than anything else, on the horizon, so I am going thru everything with a fine toothed comb.  Every closet, every nook and cranny.  If it doesn't serve a purpose or I don't love it ~ into the donation pile it goes.  I have a pick up date after the New Year, so it keeps me on track and committed.  Move thru your home room by room. Try to look at it with fresh eyes, or as if you are a guest walking in for the first time.  Are you sending the message that best expresses you at this point in time?

                                     Choose Travel ~ it educates and inspires


                           Choose Balance ~ say no to toxicity and yes to empowerment! Say no to stress and yes to a state of calm.  Be Mindful always.

                            Choose Clean Eating ~ I stopped eating sugar (for the most part) about 16 weeks ago.  It is not always easy, and I am not always perfect, but I feel a shift, and that feels good!

                              Choose Tranquility

                                 Choose Exercise

                                  Choose Happiness

What do you choose?

Wishing that all your wise choices come true in 2014  <3

Creating A Chic Chalet

Lisa Kanning

That last post sent me into a tailspin.  If I can't actually look at the mountains outside my frost covered windows, I can damn well make sure the inside has a little of that ski chalet warmth I yearn for.  This is one of those stories where you can add and subtract to your heart's content, based on seasonal changes, pocketbook constraints, and the materials or designs that resonate with you.

A buffalo or deer head may or may not call to you, but being enveloped in cowhide is undeniably luxurious.

Aerin Lauder

Architectural elements set against the natural materials, warm woods, and stone that mimics the outside provide the indoor/outdoor connection.  That's what it's really about ~ being grounded; at one with nature.

Kristen Ditmer

Adding fur, real or faux, is one of the easiest ways to "naturalize" your high alpine environment.  I might get carried away with this one, I can't seem to stop myself.  It's kind of a happy accident my home looks like an interesting hunting lodge

Anything made of antler is de rigueur.  I love this inkwell/candle set.  It's a tad less predictable than a chandelier, and would feel at home amongst modern or western decor, whispering the western look like the wind thru Aspen trees.

1st Dibs

or perhaps something more modern, referencing the antlers, without actually being antlers

Emery et cie

Black Forest Bears originally thought to be carved in the Black Forests of Germany, actually come from Switzerland.  Since their 1800's carved roots to today, they remain highly collectable and are synonymous with a lodge look.  They are always whimsical and amusing, even if they truly pose danger!

Antique skis or snow shoes make great authentic art

I decided my husband needed to collect Edward Curtis serigraphs one year.  Edward documented the rites and rituals of a dying nation, but anything that represents the past is a great connection to sacred mountain land.  Are you a Cowboy or an Indian?

Carrie Fell

Pendleton Blankets are making a comeback, but for some, they were never out of style

I love a good basket collection as much as a porcelain collection.  Cluster them together on a piece of furniture or hang a grouping of them on a wall ~ making an impact for mere pennies (depending on the baskets of choice, of course)

Great basket makers

Something covered in sheepskin ~

or shearling ~ Oooh la la…love it!

This wallpaper proves to be popular all over the country, but is especially at home among the pines and poplars surrounding you.


Root, twig, or log furniture lends a rustic air, again, bringing nature in, and in your own way cuts to the core of mountain living.  You can do it casually or elegantly

Anything from Ralph Lauren is a safe bet.  Did I mention I am predicting a Southwestern trend approaching?

Creating a cozy retreat home is the essence of the chic mountain home.  The interest lies in the blending of the rustic and refined, with one eye always out the window

Cathers Home

Modern Mountain Majesty

Atelier am
It's official, with snow on the ground and the temperature dipping dramatically, the mountains are calling to me as ski season begins once again.  I am chomping at the bit to go to "my happy place."  I love being in the mountains, winter or summer, no matter.  They're both beautiful in their own right, BUT  the warmth and coziness of a winter room with snow covered peaks outside the windows always feels like a privilege to be a part of for me.

ph:Francois Halard

Rolled steel is a nice counterpart to the bleached wood

Atelier am

You don't want too much visual clutter to distract you from the magnificent views, now do you?

Cunniffe Architects

Seriously sick with it's mountain views and world class art that hits just the right note

Stonefox Design

Abby Hetherington

The heavy interiors with the big rolled armed sofa, heavy draperies, and oversized dining tables and chairs feel well, old.  I am craving a clean aesthetic, a neutral palette with a modern message.

Lisa Kanning

Vintage and mid century pieces warm things up; you don't want a cold winter room!  Texture is king.

Studio Sofiel

Pearson Design Group

John Malascalco

Kill me now…

An industrial mix makes sense.  These kitchens are streamlined with the use of a melange of materials that don't speak western, just chic

ph:Robert Millman

I'll wake up to this any day

Slifer Designs

Robyn Scott

Studio 80 Design

There's nary a deer antler chandelier in sight , not that there's anything wrong with that ~

Studio Sofiel

Take me away….