Got 50 Mil?

Damn it, why aren't I mega wealthy??  It's all over the news that Tom Brady and Gisele B√ľndchen are selling their 2 year old 14,000 sq. ft. Brentwood mansion and heading east, to their 14,000 sq. ft mansion in Massachusetts.

When I saw this stunner in Architectural Digest I was paralyzed.  I love every room, every piece of furniture and tchotchke.  I seriously wouldn't change a thing, including the MOAT!  I never considered myself a moat person, but people change.

It took two years and 20 million to build, they are banking on making a pretty penny.  It is simple and cozy, said Gisele.  (As cozy as 14,000 sq. ft can be)  Richard Landry as architect and  Joan Behnke , as designer, were brought on board to help realize the couple's vision.

One of their primary goals was to use as much recycled material as possible and implement energy and water cost effectiveness systems.  Where available they used environmentally friendly building materials, photovoltaic solar panels and gray water irrigation technology.  Reclaimed cobblestones and ceiling beams, salvaged floorboards and ceramic tile along with the brick, antique wooden doors and marble fireplace surrounds helped keep the theme of recycle, reuse, remain eco conscious alive.

The color scheme is obviously neutral with touches of blue, green, lilac and coral. The designer "punched it up" with dramatic light fixtures, natural materials like linen, silk, leather and velvet were used throughout.  The theme was European country estate meets California casual.

The outdoor spaces are equally idyllic ~ between the moat and bridge, the infinity pool, the micro farm: where Gisele plants a lot of her own vegetables and fruit and also raises chickens, the lush gardens and the sweeping vistas: I ask you, who couldn't be happy here? 

50 million happy?  This literally leaves me weak!

ph: Roger Davies for AD

An Exquisite Moment ~

We have a wedding on our minds over here at the Leskowitz household.  My stepson Matthew is getting married this weekend to beautiful Jamie, and I cannot be more thrilled.  I have thoughts of ethereal places and spaces, celebrations, and the lightness of being.  It's these moments we must grab and hold onto tightly ~ for they can be fleeting.

  1. e·the·re·al

    adjective: etherial
    1. 1.
      extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
      "her ethereal beauty"
      synonyms:delicate, exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful ~

    I'll paint a sun to warm your heart
    Knowing that we'll never part.
    I'll draw the years all passing by
    So much to learn, so much to try.
    I'll paint my mood in a shadow blue,
    Paint my soul to be with you.
    I'll sketch your lips in shaded tones,
    Draw your mouth to my own.
    I'll trace a hand to wipe your tears
    And trace a look to calm your fears.
    A silhouette of dark and light
    To hold each other oh so tight.
    I'll paint the stars in the evening sky,
    Draw the light into your eyes,
    A touch of love, a touch of grace,
    To softly fall on your moonlit face.
    And with this ring our lives will start,
    Let nothing keep our love apart.
    I'll take your hand to hold in mine,
    And be together through all time.
                                                                                   ~ David Foster, Arthur Janov

    And they lived happily ever after....