Georges Pelletier

My love affair began in a store in Aspen.  I saw beautiful ceramic lamps from across the room casting the coolest shadow.  I regretted not purchasing one of the lovely Georges Pelletier table lamps when the selection was so vast.  It is the lamp that got away.  I look for them now when I am out and about.

Out and about in LA last week, there they were, the look is undeniable but these were more contemporary then the ones I had seen.  I needed to learn more.

Georges Pelletier celebrates his 80th birthday this month, so I guess it is fitting that I am highlighting him!  Georges was born in Brussels in 1938.  He studied art in Paris and seems to have found his passion in ceramics.  The year I was born, he opened a studio in Paris and began creating his unique pieces.  The primitive appearance, the cutouts that light escapes through, the totems, sconces, sculptures, mirrors and objects d'art are easily idenifiable once you are aware of Pelletier's pieces.  In the 1970's Georges moved his studio to Cannes where he still works to this day.

 With one eye in the past and one eye towards the future, Pelletier is remaking the beloved pieces from the days gone by, specifically the 60's and 70's, which must have been the lamps I saw in Aspen, as well as keeping one eye towards the future, hence the more sculptural lighting, which was obviously what I saw in LA.

 Passion, purpose and the desire to continue to be creative keeps Georges as relevant today as he was more than 50 years ago.  You're on my radar Mr. Pelletier,  now maybe he's on yours too!  There is a nice selection of his fabulous pieces on 1st Dibs.

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