S is for Shagreen...

...sexy, shagreen.   I mentioned awhile back that I was doing a home with an Art Deco vibe.  I did a post on finding the perfect screen.  We were making our way through the living room and dining room and I decided we MUST have a shagreen cocktail table.

Skatemoderne makes beautiful faux shagreen couture pieces.  The inlaid agate tables are to die for!  I have a call in to them as we speak.

Shagreen is the skin of a stingray.  It's pebbly hide is decorative, durable, and adaptable for use in almost any application.  Its exoticism makes it a great choice if you want to up the "Wow" factor.


Celerie Kimble

Shagreen was first used by the Turks to cover sword handles and was "rediscovered" by French cabinet makers during the Art Deco period, which makes it the perfect choice of this project.

Paul Marra @1st Dibs

You have probably seen it and may not have even realized it.  Its subtle beauty reveals itself upon close inspection.

Dwell Studio for Percedent makes a few tables that fit the bill.  I like the modern lines and the organic selection of treatments.

Shagreen is as fashionable in the home as it is on the runways.  Clutches have been popular these past few years. You know something has caught on when it makes its way to J. Crew or any other mass market retailer.  Decorative boxes are staples that I use time and time again, and I am even seeing wallpaper panels made of this wonderful material more often.  Below are beautiful bedside tables .

Turner and Pocock

Jean Louis Deniot

Shagreen was applied to the fronts of the bathroom cabinetry.  Faux shagreen is easier (slightly) on the pocketbook and looks just as lovely.  Come to think of it, I have seen a lot of bath accessories made from shagreen.


Vincente Wolf

There is a large range of colors.  It looks just as beautiful in bone as it does in pink.  I say, "Go Bold or Go Home!"

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