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Tony Duquette via Dennis Miller ~LOVE~ but it's busy

I am beginning work on a job that I decided NEEDS a folding screen.  Bookcases and a fireplace occupy one side of the room and the other side is empty.  It needs visual weight and after careful consideration, I decided this is the answer.  The only question is; which one?

Maison Schembri via !st Dibs

I want an Art Deco vibe.  There is an Asian influence associated with that period, so it would not be out of the question to incorporate an Oriental look such as this and the tea paper background calls to me.

Decorative Crafts

A quintessential looking Deco aesthetic incorporates beautiful wood tones like the macassar and ebony below.  This period is marked by either a strong geometric or circular pattern.

Deco Dreams
I Die~This would have been a contender, but it sold.

Carlton Dailey via 1st Dibs.
 I love the shape and the movement the dancing gazelles create

From its simple roots as a room divider, the folding screen now has evolved into an integral, practical piece of furniture as well as an object of beauty.  It solves some problems and decoratively hides others.  What's not to love about that?

Porter & Plunk
Any fabric screen is a no brainer, in this case, Fortuny is FINE

Gracie Studio, custom
Loving the fan shape and it's repetitive simplicity

The beautiful wood and brass accents could be the perfect choice

Love the whimsey but I don't think my clients will.

Samuel Marx oxidized mirror
Had this not been $45,000.00 it might have been my 1st choice

Hmmm, stay tuned to see what we choose and how the room comes together.

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  1. I love the oxidized mirror; great post!


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