The Red Room

RED = Love, passion, lust ~  it makes your heart beat a little faster and your pulse race!  It is energetic, vivacious, glamorous and it conveys the message that you are too!  Matter of fact, no other color conveys so many (mixed) messages because it also coveys warmth, anger, blood, death.  After all isn't it said they are closely related?

Alessandra Branca

Miles Redd calls red the perfect clarifier.  It looks great paired with equally intense colors and sharpens a softer, contrasting palette.  It makes everything around it more interesting.  Like a great red lip on an otherwise makeup less face, sometimes it's the answer for a little pick me up.

David Hicks

All shades of red are chic.  Whether you dress an entire room in it or use the bold color as an  accent, it really wakes up the eyes and amps up the drama.

Marrying dark colors together, like orange, fushia, black, almost downplays the energy of the red but if you combine it with a pastel or neutral; pinks, whites, beige, the red becomes the focal point.

Ruthie Sommers

Woodson and Rummerfield

It's also surprisingly neutral, meaning it goes with anything, REALLY, it is all in the mix!  Red is  versatile, it's moody, it's anything you want it to be.  It helps lift up those colors around it, it gives them confidence and energy.  That's a beautiful thing!

Anne Hepfer

Oberto Gili

It can convey sugary sweetness or sensuality  and elegance. It works equally well in a kitchen as it does in a nursery.

Kathryn Ireland

Suzanne Coleman

Martyn Lawrence Bullatd


While red in a room might not be for the faint of heart, who wouldn't want a little more passion in their life?  As Diana Vreeland once said, ‘All my life I’ve pursued the perfect red."and Bill Blass said, "when in doubt wear red."  There's a shade for everyone.  Pump up the volume this Valentines day. GO RED!

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