LongHouse Reserve

I do not want the beautiful weather to end!  While I do love the fall here in the Northeast, let's linger just a little longer in the verdant green gardens among the art and architecture of LongHouse Reserve.  Under the artistic eye of Interior Designer Jack Leonor Larsen, LongHouse Reserve is a beautiful integration of nature and art.

As you enter, Yoko Ono asks you to be part of her Peace project.  Tie your wish on the wish tree and it will make its way to Reykjavik, Iceland and be placed under the Imagine Peace Tower.  You can join in on the website as well.

The gardens serve as a living case study of the interaction between plants and people in a variety of spaces and seasons.  Mr. Larson believes people have a unique experience when interacting with the art.  The art focuses on expanding one's imagination.  Mr. Larsen's hope for LongHouse Reserve is that it be public, reflect world cultures and speak to the message of inventiveness and non conformity. Along with 60 permanent sculptures, there are visiting artists who loan their works for display.

Jack Leonor Larsen, a well known textile designer, author and advocate of traditional and contemporary craft, who's life is a rich tapestry of experiences, began as a weaver.  He celebrates 90 years young later this month.

The home sits to the right of the gardens and pond.  LongHouse Reserve encompasses 16 acres in the  Northeast Woods of East Hampton, NY.  The home was inspired by the grand Japanese shrine at Ise

The Gateway Bell by Toshiko Takaezu

Three Indeterminant Lines by Bernar Venet

Fly's Eye Dome by Buckminster Fuller

6 Lines in a T II by George  Rickey in Peter's Pond

Cobalt Spears by Dale Chihuly

Almost like the Blues by Marylyn Dintenfass

Sanctuary Entwined byToni Ross

Dream of Africa, Shin Sang-Ho

A forced perspective

Mao jacket by Sui Jianguo


Heroic Man by Gaston Lahaise

Legs by Larry Rivers

Reclining Figures by Willem de Kooning

"What it does have is individuality and a finely wrought sense of style.  It offers the element of surprise.  I love visiting this place because I never know what I am going to find."  Benjamin Genocchio, arts and entertainment critic for the NY Times.

ph: Tom Koche

Thank you Jack for creating something so beautiful that I'm sure will be a  lasting legacy.

It's worth putting on your "to do" list.  

 If you are so inclined Pointed Leaf Press published a book on LongHouse Reserve

Design from Within

I am on a slight social media blitz introducing my new Face Book business page.  It was slow to start but I am picking up speed.  The universe gave me a sign and I am running with it.

After months of not being able to get into my FB business page, out of the clear blue, I received a business license in the mail.  I have been in business 20 years and never had the official piece of paper.  Apparently, this was all FB needed to verify the page and allow me access.

Wa -lah.  If you have not "liked" my page PLEASE do so with the link above, if this is something that resonates with you.    

When we marry the physical ~ hard work, design, taking action with the metaphysical ~ gratitude, visualization, awareness around limiting beliefs, we become unstoppable.  We become the best versions of ourselves inside and out.

The universe has been giving me a lot of signs lately.  I am inclined to follow the path which I feel I am being led.  The word disruptive keeps coming up over and over.  Maybe I am disrupting the belief that people have around interior design?   I am deeply passionate about beautiful spaces but I don't think it's enough anymore.  We must be mindful of the energy held within that beautifully designed space.  I have no idea where this is all going.  It is equal parts scary and exciting.  When we are in unknown territory, I think taking slow baby steps is always the way to go.  Walk with me?

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Hamptons or Bust

As the sun sets on the summer of 2017, we say au revoir and prepare for the holiday season.  Winter is coming, but its never too soon to think and plan for next year, or consider owning this $175 million Southampton home in time for celebrating Christmas in style.

Jule Pond can be yours for a king's ransom.  Originally built for the Ford family in 1960, part of a 235 acre estate called Fordune is now owned by portfolio manager Brenda Earl.  It is the most expensive property for sale ever in the Hamptons.  Hell, it's the most expensive property in the state of New York!
When I first saw the exterior I did not have high hopes for the property, but it is elegant with the requisite high profile art collection and enough square footage for a lots of extended family.

Location, location, location has much to do with the sky high price tag. The 20,000 square foot house sits on 42 acres, almost 1,300 linear feet of beachfront which is unheard of.  Jule Pond has 12 bedrooms, including 2 master suites, 12 bathrooms as well as all the bells and whistles one would expect.

It looks slightly more modest as you drive down the tree lined driveway.  It was designed to expand visually and dramatically as you entered the foyer which is central to three wings.

Wood paneling, the parquet floors, as well as the marble fireplace mantles throughout were original to the home.  They were purchased from a European chateau to help depict the grandeur of the 19th century design when the Ford's built it.  The home was updated in 2008 and it seems all the wood was painted for a more 21st century look.  I think it is beautifully done.  The mix of traditional furnishings with the modern art provide a warm, sophisticated, beautifully designed, slightly formal but not too formal environment.

Jule Pond is bordered by 3 ponds with an unobstructed view of Mecox Bay and the ocean beyond.  If you are looking for privacy in the Hampton's, you found it.

What a place to idle away the day!  If it sells at this price, it will shatter records.

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