Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Reflective Home

I saw this project by Gullaume Gentet, a French designer living in New York.  It intrigued me because it's a traditional jewel box of a home full of cool, sparkly, unconventional design that's quirky and fun filled for a young family.

The niches were created in the foyer to show off the family's Murano glass collection.  The light fixture tops it all off.  I like that the entrance has a gallery feel.

Every surface is dreamy and shiny.  Silks, satins, silk velvets, glass, mirror, Venetian plaster, lacquer, gilding, and tiles are incorporated to create lustrous layers of sheen.  The reflective quality "lights up" each room and gracefully dances around it as the sunlight changes throughout the day.

Sparkly surfaces abound in every room and except for the kitchen, rainbow brights keep everything cheerful and light.

At first glance you would think the high gloss green library is papered in that mod print but it is actually √©glomis√©, where the back of mirror is painted; an unusual, unexpected, brilliant touch! 

Metallics create a sense of luxury and transcend the style.  Crisp white is the perfect backdrop for all the color and shine.

What you cannot see from the photos is the walls are dusted with glitter in the bedroom and combed with mica in the foyer.  The shimmer and shine are everywhere.  The closet panels are even inset with glass beaded wallpaper.  No surface was immune to some sort of fabulous lustrous  treatment.

The four poster bed was made by making a custom column, splitting it in four, lacquering the outside, and silver gilting the inside for more added sparkle and shine.  Because maybe there is not enough in the house??

There are enough quiet moments (not many but enough) and solid colors to make the reflective surfaces POP.  That's the key, and this look succeeds because it was created with a deft hand and keen eye that is Mr Gentet's gift.  His rooms are colorful and joyful, whimsical and exacting.

Ph: Guillaume Gentet

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Chain Gang

Speaking of jewelry for your room, as I mentioned in the Windsor Smith furniture collection post below, the chain link trend is not going anywhere.  Besides the gorgeous link detail, the mix of materials, or the metallic component, I love the masculine/feminine aspect of the design, especially when it curves to embrace other materials.

Kelly Wearstler has had this in her coveted collection for years.  It's a classic.

Cuff Home makes this jaw dropping fixture that would make a statement dressing any room.

The popularity of Givenchy's Shark tooth  link bracelet/necklace has not waned.

Can you walk in Tom Ford's chain gladiator pump?  Who cares!

Many chain inspired designs were featured at High Point Market this past Spring as new introductions, which means you will be seeing them in the stores right about now.

Curry and Company side and console tables stand on their own as a design statement:  Loud and Proud.  I like that in a table.

Zodax makes a tray that is equally elegant on a vanity, bar, or anywhere you need a little extra sparkle.

Never gets old….

via Street Style King is Queen

Antique woven rattan chairs at 1st Dibs, which just goes to show it's a timeless design

 Arteriors offers their version of an iron chain link fixture in table and floor height.

It's not all hard metal  ~ there's a softer side that is equally as alluring

And what's more alluring than classic blue and white and Hermes, I ask you??

Serena and Lily offer the Savoy Links embroidered sheet sets in multiple color ways for that best dressed bed!

I LOVE these Terry Rosen decorative chain link pillows in silk.  These would look great with the purple Savoy sheets, no?
Terry, a fine artist and illustrator, came up with those colorful conversational prints that started the whole craze that made Nicole Miller famous when she put Terry's designs on everything from ties to scarves.

Phillip Jeffries, the first name in textured wall coverings  has a link pattern you'd love to be locked up within.

I think I just found the inspiration for my next decorating project!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Windsor Smith for Century

I had the pleasure of listening to Windsor Smith talk about her Icon Collection for Century Furniture at 200 Lex last week.  I always admired her aesthetic.  Windsor's unconventional approach to design lies in her layering of the classic and the unexpected.  "Color, texture, style and purpose" is her goal in life and in her designs.  Century Furniture's goal with their Icon Collection is to bring the soul of a designer's work together with their craftsmen in Hickory, NC to harmoniously "bring to life" a unique vision.

The Yvette upholstered bed is as comfortable as it is elegant.

The Ondine cocktail table is a stand out piece, especially in the octagon shape and lavender hue.

I love the Paloma Wing Chair with its feminine take on a classic, more masculine version of a typical wing chair with its scaled down arms and curved body.

The Clara Tete-a-Tete is a signature piece for Windsor, famously featuring it in her own foyer.  Also called a borne, this classic 18th century design looks as modern today as it did during the Napoleonic period, and makes a perfect centerpiece, dressed up or down, for a room that calls for a little pizzaz!

While the line is shown in mostly tones of grey, it can be customized.  Her most colorful piece in the collection is the Aurora cocktail table.  It is an example of the magic that happens when mirror, metal, and glass mate, in a Mondrian like pattern.  It can be ordered with a plain marble top if you prefer.

With jewelry for the home in mind, Windsor created the Giselle leather ottoman; with it's shiny hardware, nail heads, and storage it's as practical as it is beautiful.

An extremely au courant chain pedestal table is playful and pretty with a wood or marble top.  The perfect accent!

via Cococozy

Windsor also can be credited with creating the Room in a Box.  The virtual design studio that has been widely copied, and now Room in a Flash, which gives you fully designed rooms with all the beautiful accoutrements for you to purchase thru Windsor.  She did it for Gwyneth, she can do it for you ~ It's kind of design genius!

She is rolling out a collection of lighting and accessories thru Arteriors and has a collection of fabric and trim thru Kravet.

You're one smart Cookie, Windsor