A Paperless Post

I'm an old fashioned gal at heart.  I like my magazines in print and I love receiving invitations by snail mail.  I want to hold something.  I love feeling the weight and texture of the paper, studying type, always looking at the choice of decorative stamp and liner but alas, I fear I am a dying breed.

There is something to be said for the ease of emailing an invitation to someone's inbox.  We live in such a fast paced, "instant gratification" kind of world, the immediacy of creating an invitation from the myriad of choices, hitting send and waiting for the RSVP's to roll in has a place in my heart too.

That's where Paperless Post comes in.  They offer you the best of both worlds.  You can choose the style and theme from any number of invitations for any number of occasions and hit send, or have it sent!

An invitation does so much more than convey time and place.  It sets the tone for your affair; the theme, color, vibe  of what's to come.

I have a number of speaking engagements coming up.  Some are privately hosted dinners, some in interesting venues.  I will speak more about this later.  I am really excited!  I am calling it, "Om for the Home:  being mindful of the energy filling our beautifully designed spaces."  Paperless Post was the obvious "go to" site for me.  I knew I wanted to create an ongoing series of invitations for each event with both the consistency of look and ability to customize.  I hadn't planned on putting my photo illustration on the card, but Paperless Post suggested I make it personal, so I did!  There is so much to love.  Between their designer collaborations with Jonathan Adler, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Crane, Kelly Wearstler, John Derian and more, Paperless Post has you covered fashionably and effortlessly.  You would be hard pressed not to find just the right style to convey just the right message.

Party On

 Paperless Post reflects the Livebeauti~FULLY brand.  This was a sponsored post in conjunction with Anagram Interactive, but the sentiment is all mine.

It's in the Rub

I sometimes joke when something hurts me that I have to pull my shell on a little tighter; protection from the irritant, if you will.  I have come to realize I have some classic symptoms of being a highly sensitive person.  It's a thing!  You can read more about it here if you are so inclined, but basically, shall we say ~ a lot of things annoy me.  For me personally, it stems from sensory (over) stimulation.

I notice EVERYTHING ~ the good, the bad and the ugly.  So, it would make sense that I make my career (life) out of making things around me beautiful!

Like a little grain of sand irritating a clam, something beautiful can come from it.  It starts with awareness.

My friends know I need to pick a table away from loud people in a restaurant.  I have been known to move seats a time or two.  In any crowed environment, I hate being too close to someone.  I feel things deeply, and that is certainly a blessing and a curse!  I run from toxicity (if I can) and I cannot wrap my head around thoughtless people.  It makes me  CRAZY.  "People who FaceTime in public shouting into the air, I'm talking to you!"

BUT, because I know this about myself, I have compensated by "up-leveling" experiences.  In a restaurant, I make sure we get a nice, quieter table.  In a hotel I ask for a quiet room, preferably away from the elevator.  I look for places that are less crowded so as not to be on top of people.  I often sit in the quiet car traveling back and forth to New York if I am alone.  In other words, I manage my life  (to the best of my ability) in a way that keeps me emotionally healthy.  I work with dependable people, I surround myself with support.  My home is my sanctuary.  I try to minimize the things that hurt me and maximize the things that bring me joy.  That's just good common sense!

You don't need to be a highly sensitive person to make sure you maximize pleasant experiences and dial down the noise.  In our 24/7 noise polluted world, stepping into a quiet moment is good for your overall health!   Studies have shown that if you schedule 2 minutes a day of "quiet time" you are giving yourself such a gift.  Our stress levels and blood pressure come down.  The chatter in your mind is quieted, clarity has an opportunity to come through.  In silence we can listen to our intuition, think creatively and tune into our emotions.

In silence, ponder what makes you happy~ do more of that.  What feels stressful, how can you limit it?  If you love flowers, send them to yourself weekly!  If someone is driving you crazy, don't engage them.  If your kids are driving you nuts, step away momentarily.  Make your home as beautiful and as functional as possible.  If you're not happy with something only you have the power to change it.

Make things that "rub you the wrong way" into opportunities for enhancement.  It's like stringing one magnificent pearl after another into a Chanel necklace.  You have made something positive from a negative.  That is what I mean by "up- leveling" experiences.  It is similar to the idea of making lemonade out of lemons, but waaay prettier!

and that's another example of Living beautiFULLY


Shiny Object Syndrome

Dolce and Gabbana/Miles Redd

I never met a rhinestone, paillette, sequin or light catching accoutrement I didn't like.  Shiny object syndrome is defined as "the attraction to objects that exhibit a glassy, polished, gleaming or otherwise shiny appearance."  Gleaming is as gleaming does, captures my attention, excites me and casts a dramatic "glow" on everything around it!  Glitter, metals, mirror, pearls, chains, appliqu├ęs ~ nothing is off the table in fashion and home decor in this moment.

I thought this would be a fun runway to room post as there is so much eye candy everywhere you look!  Fashion's more is more aesthetic always makes my heart beat a little faster.  As the arc of a trend always shows us, more is more leads to less is more soon after.   So, while embellishments are having their moment and fashion is in full out glamour mode ~ Get your glitter on!

Balmain is doing it. ~

Dior is doing it. ~

Chanel is doing it  ~

Gucci is doing it. ~

Gucci/Marks and Travano

Saint Laurent is doing it  ~

You can do it too!

The same result can be had using any light reflecting material.  Several that I mentioned above metallic, mirror, metal, as well as foil and fabrics like lurex, brocades and panne velvet shouldn't be ruled out.  The luminosity of fabrics and materials like high gloss paint and lacquers that radiate color or shine captivate us.  Iridescence has a modernity.  Shine on you crazy diamond!  Show the world what you're all about!

Lanvin/Tom Dixon

Chanel/Floto + Warner

Tom Ford/via House Beautiful

Seta Apparel/via Luxe magazine

Balmain/Kelly Wearstler

Get your glitter on, because it won't be too long before all we clamor for simplicity and quiet elegance.