Om for the Home

I am busy tweaking my talk scheduled for Thursday April 20th.  I am equal parts nervous and excited.  Nervous because I have never done much public speaking, but excited because I plan on doing more!  I want to "think big, play big."  If I talk to 12 or 1200, no matter.  I am going to do the best I can coming to it professionally and with integrity.  I titled it "Om for the Home" because when we hear the word Om we think of balance and a state of zen.  It's a strong vibrational word.  Vibrations are energy and energy is what our home houses.  The beauty is, we get to decide what this energy looks like.

I read a quote  once that said, "If  we go around chanting the word Om, the air around us will sparkle."  I do love sparkles!

Wish me luck!

An "I Can Do It" Attitude

I had a sense of this sculpture.  I had never seen it until I attended The Affordable Art Fair.  When I turned the corner and saw it, it stopped me in my tracks.  There it was, the wooded wall sculpture I had heard about that inspired my girlfriend to say, "I can make that," and DID!

Artist Pascal Pierme, a Frenchman who lives in Santa Fe, NM has art hanging in private collections, museum exhibitions and has garnered international recognition.  He was inspired by what he saw his grandfather do with a piece of wood.

Inspired by what Pascal did with a piece of wood, imagine the audacity of my girlfriend who saw one of Pascal's pieces in an art exhibit, fell in love with it and said to herself, "I can do that," and DID!  How many times has each of us seen something and said those very words?  How many of us said that and then actually went out and did it?  She knew with the right tools and know how she could make a similar wooden wall hanging.  First things first, she enrolled in a woodworking class.  Along the way she researched different types of wood and picked up a few wood working tools of her own so she could work on her project at home, because she grew impatient waiting in line for equipment at the studio.

This is the piece that started it all.  She soon got to work.  With enthusiasm, power tools and the drive to be productive, my girlfriend proudly hung her art on her guest room wall in no time.

 How do you think it makes her feel every time she looks at it?  Is there anything you said you could or would do but haven't?  What gets in the way?  Fear of failure, time constraints, lack of self confidence?  Whenever you are intimidated to do something, think about how good you will feel after it's done.  Use "as if" (you did it already) as the motivating factor.  The sense of self accomplishment, pride, confidence, courage, empowerment, you would feel.  The worst that can happen is it doesn't come out the way you had envisioned, but that's not really the point, is it?  Taking ACTION is the name of the game.  One step leads to the next step leads to the next, sometimes figuring it out along the way.

What's that saying?  We don't regret the things we've done, we only regret the things we didn't do when we had the chance.  My girlfriend is moving on to sculpting in stone as we speak.




Power to the People

Pink "pussy hats" as they are known with their pointed corners, came to represent solidarity and women's rights when they (we) marched on Washington.  The handmade knitted hat first became a thing for the pussyhat project  and took off from there.  They were all the rage at Missoni!  From political to spiritual, grassroots to runway, we are consciously making our intentions known!  Whether exploring feminism, immigration, global warming, spirituality, mysticism and more, there is a smorgasbord of messages to be explored.

Ashish,: Matteo Volta

Good examples of when mixed messages make sense!

Versace,ph: Gio Stainao

Francesca Liberatore

Political, ethical, sustainable was the name of the game at TOME.  The clothes were recycled from seasons past and the Peruvian alpaca applied to some of the clothing was hand knitted by women in the Andes.  Giving back has become a personal anthem by many feeling the effects of practicing gratitude and wanting to be part of a larger conversation.

#tied together is a message started by The Business of Fashion.  It was all over the runways, especially at Tommy Hilfiger.  If you see white bandanas tied around a wrist on the street, you'll know it is most likely statement making.  It is a message of unity, inclusiveness.

Michael Tommasiello with his large social media following helped speed the message that was near and dear to his heart.

ph: Adam Tschorn for LA Times

Subtle, inconspicuous messages are on trend as well.  Maybe you don't want to "hit someone over the head" with a statement making message.  Designers gave us a lesson in spirituality with their designs or the accessories that accompanied them.

The dragonfly is a symbolic spirit animal because it represents traveling between different realms.  Wearing it close to your throat means that it is to speak with an inner voice.  We are all connected to what is happening all around us.  Gucci gets it.  It is not dissimilar to wearing something red near your throat.

I have been looking for a reason to bring out my feather earrings from a few years ago.  Lanvin is doing it, so I am too!  Feathers represent an angelic realm, especially if you randomly come across one.  They move gracefully through the wind and the wind means change of direction.  Clarity and communication, like the wind move us in different directions.

Richard Tisci of Givenchy was going back to basics.  Women are fighting for empowerment all over the world, not just in America he said.  He wanted to get grounded and went back to basics ~ mother nature.

Fashion speaks volumes, literal or not.  The winds of change, magical in meaning, might make this the year of statement dressing!  Fashion does shy away from controversy.  Designers dive right in, explore and deconstruct topics of interest and inspiration and this past fashion week was as subversive as I can remember.   Show after show, models strutted their stuff dripping in slogans or symbols.   Whatever your message, there is a T-shirt for that or hat or scarf or coat or bag...

In the words of Lin Manuel Miranda, "Love is Love is Love is Love"