Design According to your your Sign ~ Hmmm

This is a repost from several months ago.  For some reason this story is recirculating. The media has been talking about this as if its new news.  I think it is safe to say there will be no reshuffling of the zodiac signs we have become accustomed to because of  the discovery of  ophiuchus or the 13th sign in the zodiac..

Your whole life you think you are a Leo.  If you believe in designing according to where the sun's position was along the zodiac path the day you were born, you gravitate towards these colors:

You love gold and sheen ( I never met a paillette I didn't like).  You live in grand style, value excellence, quality, and LOVE drama in design.  Leos have a creative flair that is reflected in their homes and the way they entertain; therefore making them good hostesses.  They love hides and animal prints for their exoticism.  Warmth is most definitely conveyed!  Hello, have you met me?

Then all the sudden astronomers tell us that the Earth's alignment has shifted because of the moon's gravitational pull after centuries and has altered the signs.  WHAT??  It can't be, I'm not a Cancer; because if you're a Cancer, these are your colors:

Nostalgia defines this sign's personality.  Cancers are homebodies (which I most certainly am not).  They like the protection of home, it is their retreat.  I think that applies to everyone, though.  They like soft muted colors, functionality, a casual, comfy environment.  OK, I get all that but- Cancers like large entertaining spaces, they are conservative in style, and very attached to sentimental belongings and gifts from others.  Cancers use curves in their decor, and they are control freaks and perfectionists (not my words but I have been accused of both).   Part of my identity is rooted in the belief that I am a Leo, so I am just staying a Leo!  And what's with the new sign they added?

How do you know how to design for Ophiuchus, the serpent barer?  Too hell with that!

To learn how to design for your sign see Architectural Digest

You do You

Yesterday I attended What's New, What's Next at the New York Design Center.  I heard a lot of inspirational speakers and saw a lot of beautiful product.  What stuck with me the most was a talk my friends Corey Damon Jenkins and Robin Baron gave.  They spoke honestly and from the heart about climbing the entrepreneurial ladder, trials and tribulations, branding and authenticity.  This seemed to strike a cord with the standing room only audience.  The Q and A could have gone on far longer than it did and everyone seemed truly engaged in this topic of authenticity, which really struck me in the  "smoke and mirrors" world we live in.

In that vein, as a nod to the conversation and because I am now straddling two passions; that of coaching and design, "taking a life coach approach to interior design" or "designing a new story," I am here to say honestly and authentically, "I am frazzled, fried, uninspired and overwhelmed!"  I sat down to write a blog post and...  Crickets.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  My mind is elsewhere.  I am preoccupied.

And guess what?  THAT'S OK!

The message of the importance of authenticity is a tale as old as time, but it is resonating more than ever.  In business, relationships, time management, the violence we are bombarded with, life feels hard sometimes.  Rather than being open, we sometimes hide a part of ourselves away or push through the pain of it all.  We are hard on ourselves, we create more stress.  We've been told,"fake it till you make it."  I'm not gonna lie, there is a place for that, but not in lieu of losing our essential self.  The stuff that makes us uniquely us.

Sometimes just feeling your feelings, acknowledging it's a bad day, a bad mood, a full moon, exhaustion, whatever, doesn't make it go away, but it makes it acceptable, tolerable.  You feel lighter just by recognizing it.  Be patient with yourself, accept the "what is" in the moment.  Everything will fall into place.  It always does!

I decided to make this blog post about my not feeling like writing a teaching moment.  I am so excited to delve into this and so much more along with the design posts you are accustomed to.  Hopefully I can wrap it all in a beautiful bow, because even yucky feelings are a gift sometimes.

fashion ph: Mira Mikata, painting:Mel Bochner

We've been Ghosted

I saw the new Gucci collection for Spring 2017, but really did not pay much attention to the "street art" style it took on.  I just assumed Alessandro Michele, the genius creative director of Gucci, who is resurrecting the brand for a new customer, was just busy trying to turn heads (see the story I previously wrote about Gucci here), until I read an article about the inspiration behind the collection.

Trevor "Trouble" Andrew, an artist, ex skater and professional snowboarder was in need of a Halloween costume one year.  Not thinking much of it, Trevor cut eye holes in a Gucci sheet and people began referring to him as Gucci Ghost.  This prompted him to paint the company's logo on just about everything he came in contact with and post it to his Instagram account, #guccighost.  Most companies would have called their legal team to intervene or press charges, but not Gucci.  Instead of getting upset when Alessandro was informed of what was taking place, he summoned Trevor to Milan and told him to "go crazy."  A collaboration as well as a collection was born!

“It’s completely different than the idea of copying. It’s the idea that you try to [take to] the street, through language like graffiti, the symbols of the company.”


Life is Gucci became "a thing," a reference to life is good.  A reference to consumerism.  People responded.  In Trevor's case the cost of his first Gucci watch he had coveted and eventually bought with his winnings from snowboarding made him feel like the money was well spent.  The value outweighed the cost.  I guess that's what makes all of us spend a lot of money on something.  It intrinsically makes us feel a certain way.  High fashion or street fashion, there is a certain cross over appeal of logos.  Creativity is creativity and is relevant on every level--high, low, vintage, new, repurposed and thus street style becomes status and vice versa.

The power of social media, a mutual friend, and the lack of intimidation and self confidence allowed for this extraordinary thing to happen.  “Alessandro completely works off of love and no fear,” Andrew said.  That's a beautiful thing. 


Could a textile line be far behind?  Life is Gucci for Trevor Andrew!