French Girl Hair

Austrian born, reknown Parian hairstylist  David Mallet is considered one of the best in the business.  He is known for his unstudied, natural, individual approach to each of his clients . His 1st salon is in a 16th century hotel particulier in the 2nd arrondisement in Paris and he has another in The Ritz Paris. Misure Mallett  now has opened a location stateside, in New York on the 5th floor of  The Webster  Soho.  If you are unfamiliar with The Webster, put it on your list of fashionable addresses to visit.

 “A French woman wants to feel understood without communicating,”   Which begs the question, "what do American women want?"

At the heart of the salon's mission is to make a woman feel truly taken care of.  His intention was not to create an American salon but to reproduce the intimate interiors of his Paris salons.

The NY salon, designed by architect Charles Zana was created as a place for gathering.  The 1,600 square foot, 8 chair interior mimics the style of his beloved French salons. which includes old world grandeur  amid taxidermy and custom furniture.   Every floorboard and light switch imported from France, conveys the authenticity he insisted upon and would transport any jaded New Yorker to the city of light.  Beauty is universal and David was happy to share the magic.   

His line of products is available for purchase and he has a signature treatment, which now that I know about it, I want!  It's called the Tokio Treatment or hair facial.
 It is a "deep treatment method that targets chemical and mechanical damage for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.  The treatment is done in 4 steps, each one targeting a different hair-layer.  Each phase uses different combinations of molecules.  The ingredients include 8 keratins and numerous vegetal extracts, which are combined with fullerene.  These molecules help the product penetrate the hair and fuse with natural fibers, meaning that the Tokio Treatment can deep-repair and protect in 30-60 minutes depending on hair length

Note to self ~ "put your name on his waiting list!"

Antlers as Artistic Lighting

I have always loved deer antler chandeliers!  I have been going out west since I was a child with my parents, and in turn I took my kids to Colorado.  So from a young age I have always been enamored with all things western and western decor.  Some might say, "but it  looks dated" or" it's too western."  I have seen it in quintessential mountain homes or paired with modern furniture in an effort to make it  transitional or mountain modern.

Thank you Wyoming based designer Shawn Rivett  for making an antler lover's  dreams come true by making contemporary a natural material that transcends a specific look and becomes sculpture in your hands.

The antlers of deer and elk are naturally shed each winter.   Shawn has no problem finding plenty of material collected by friends and friends of friends in and around Wyoming.  Shawn not only captures the wild west in his antler sculptures but also his large format western photographs.  He is a prolific photographer as well.  His art and interior design bring the outside in.  Each antler lighting piece is unique and is designed for the space with which it will occupy.

One has to ask, "why didn't anyone think to do this sooner?" I love it!

Happy New Year

                                                      May this be the Brightest Year Yet

                                                                           ~ 2019 ~

                                       I am grateful you continue on this journey with me.