Monday, June 6, 2016

Under Construction

Exciting things are coming to Carrie Leskowitz Interiors and Carrie's Design Musings.  Design From Within is a new website, a new look, a new message that not only encompasses great design, what's new and noteworthy, artisans that inspire, entertainment and travel, but also living more creatively and mindfully.  We will forge a path to "Live Beauti-FULLY."  This includes not only what your home looks like or what it says about you, but also the inner dialogue.  Limiting beliefs, or the thoughts and feelings that you hold onto, that hold you back from living your best life full of passion and promise often times are reflected in your home and vice versa.  You can manifest a peaceful retreat for your mind, body, and spirit by getting clear in the areas that might be causing you some dissatisfaction.   Think of it like a makeover for your Home, Head, and Heart.

Design From Within communicates ~ Our living space is mirrored by our inner space.

I am really excited!  Follow along and look for in the fall launch.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Temp Tation Paper

Have you ever longed for DeGourney, Gracie, or Frontmental wallpaper, but the price prevented you from living within the gilded walls of this floral fantasy?  As luck would have it, your prayers have been answered, and in a very clever way.  Tempaper, the temporary wallpaper company has been able to reproduce the look of this popular chinoiserie pattern in a special order program on adhesive backed fabric that is scalable to your preferred size, and is TEMPORARY!  Not only can it be produced on several colored backgrounds, it is also available in silver, rose, or gold metallic.

I feel an accent wall project coming on.

I have mentioned Temporary wallpaper before.  It's kind of genius and perfect for the rental apartment dweller who wants to put a personal stamp on their place!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kips Bay Show House 2016 ~ part 2

It was a tall order for Kati Curtis to design the behemoth stairway that included two landings.  Not only did she achieve that with a beautiful melange of styles and periods, but the colors played off the adjoining rooms perfectly!  DeGourney wallpaper with its jewel tones set the stage for the ethnic and eclectic furniture choices.

The Ladies Lair by Phillip Thomas was like a party waiting to happen with its colorful confetti like graffiti done by Andrew Tedesco Studio on upholstered walls.  Every inch was utilized with a dynamic mix of textiles and art.  The antiques are from Maison Gerard.


Walking into Garrow Kedigian's room was like walking into a space from another time and place.  Rajiv Surendra's chalk trim renderings represented the impermanence of things.  Inspired by Napolean's love of "creature comfort" when he was on a battlefield and set up elaborate accommodations on the go, there was much thought behind the sitting room where everything had a story.



I am always attracted to Eve Robinson's designs.  The Art of Modern Living room gave us a specific space to enjoy art and work in a beautifully curated room with a built in cerused wood bookcase/ desk that had leather inserts to keep everything in its place.  The mid century chairs were a beautiful counterpoint to the Vladimir Kagan sofa. Countless hours of play can be had from the brass side table that features a magnetic ball.  As the ball moves over the glass the metal pellets within create endless patterns from Twenty First Gallery.


David Kleinberg's Library is a study in sophisticated elegance nuanced with rich details.  This whole room was built out.  It was not even a shell.  David said it was almost nothing but steel beams when he entered the space.  By the way, that was the case for most of the mansion.  It was completely raw.  Everything you see architecturally was done by the designers!  The room positively glowed in high gloss paint, mood lighting, and reflective surfaces.  This is another example of a beautiful outcome resulting from a modern mix of styles and periods.  The sandblasted pine fireplace surround was an unexpected surprise by ARS Antiqua Co.,

For their first official project since joining firms, Drake/Anderson created quite a buzz in the bedroom.  Custom furniture, elegant accoutrements, and bold choices in art and lighting create a conversation in refinement and a layered richness with the voice of both men well represented. Bringing a mosaic mirror under the canopy was the kind of delightful detail that makes Kips Bay so special!


Le Jardin Secret is more than a closet or an intimate space to dress.  Created by the French Canadian design/build team  Les Ensembliers, it reflects a sophisticated world traveler.  Their motto is "building meaning into beauty," and they most certainly did.  From the shagreen in the interior of the closets to the Peacock feather inspired lacquered panels of the custom closet doors and everything trimmed with a thin brass band, no detail was overlooked.  The double sided vanity, custom pattern trim on the ceiling, and light fixture all brought the Art Deco period into clear view.  It was outstanding!

But wait ~ there's more.  Believe it or not I still did not cover everything, so you are going to have to see it for yourself (if you can get there), which I highly recommend.  The show house runs through June 9th.

*photos Ricky Snyder, **Marco Ricca