The Fifth Wall

I have long been a fan of decorative ceilings as have most decorators I know.  I am so thrilled that the public is really grabbing hold of this look.  You can make a powerful statement or subtle one by using an often overlooked plane.

Albert Hadley used an iridescent paint technique to create a dramatic and almost hologram or tea paper effect thereby bringing light into an otherwise dark room.

Albert Hadley

Rooms enveloped in all the same color can be striking ~  in that the lines are blurred.  Where do the walls end and the ceiling begin?  It makes a room look larger or extends the height of a ceiling, not to mention how dramatic it is.

Douglas Levine


The trim delineates the space beautifully but still envelopes you in coziness

Garrow Kedigian

You can really see with this mural how the boundaries of the room have disappeared


They certainly don't have to be the same color.  There's a huge wow factor in a more unexpected approach.  Note that the color on the ceiling relates to the room as a whole.  The color is repeated somewhere.

Sherrill Canet

Sara Story

Jamie Herzlinger

Wallpaper has made a big comeback, and applying it to the ceiling makes perfect sense.  I love this look! Designers are challenging old rules.  Look how dynamite this looks in a kitchen.

Eve Robinson

Gideon Mendelson

The circular patterned paper overhead, speaks to the waves beyond

Lora Barbara Lemon & Chris Myers via Elle Decor

Texture can be compelling too.  Grasscloth, mica, and plaster all make this often overlooked fifth wall vibrant and thought of, not overlooked like it sometimes can.  There is the case for leaving the ceiling white in a lot of instances, but that's for another post.

Shelly Riehl

Buon Fresco


Don't overlook your ceiling ~ embellish it!

Clever Idea #3: The Vanishing TV

 We have all seen the storage lifts that discreetly hide a TV in a piece of furniture, but now I have found this marvelous lift that you simply roll under your bed and the TV glides out from underneath said bed and takes its rightful place at your feet for your viewing pleasure.  Genius!  Not to mention it's a great space saver.

It is the Anton Dream Machine.  "It is the most unique and innovative  product of its kind. "  Weather it be a mountain range, ocean view or you live lake side , you just want to be able to take full advantage of a beautiful view.  Now you can.  TVs  are a necessary part of life but seeing a little less of them and a little more of mother nature is a good thing.

Product Spotlight: Mottega

I am hot to use these beautiful lamps on an upcoming job.  Since discovering Mottega and their kaleidoscope of options, it's just a matter of time.  The really beautiful part is Mottega's customization program that ANYONE can use.  It is not just for the trade, and delivery is in two weeks!  Unheard of!

Mottega has an easy to understand website with step by step instructions.  You pick the lamp base, shape, color, shade, and finial to fit your decor.  They are beautifully made and well priced.

At Blogfest we were introduced to Eileen Kathryn Boyd, who was named a color influencer for the line.  Kathryn is considered a color innovator, and her color story has gained her an award winning reputation and an elite client base.  She talked about the process she uses in choosing the colors for the lamps that designers and the general public would best respond to.  Eileen was inspired by the fashion runway and what was happening in interiors, with consideration for warm, cool, and neutral choices.

These beauties are showing up in all the best dressed homes.  I can't imagine one wouldn't work for you!

ekb Interiors

Amy Plum Designs


Lonny Magazine office

The company also does cute promotions.  If you send them a picture of the room you use the lamp in, they may use it in a future ad.  They also have frequent drawings for a free lamp of your choice.  Check them out!

The Eyes Have it

New Ravenna Mosaics

The Evil Eye, long a symbol of luck, as in keeping the evil spirits away, crosses many cultural and religious backgrounds.  It's deeply rooted in history, but more importantly ~ I like the way it looks.  It intrigues me; simple yet knowing.

via Yatzer

Artist Sebastian Bergne in conjunction with Giana & Gino created an evil eye vessel collection using the ancient Turkish Iznik quartz ceramics and Swarovski's "Crystal Rocks" elements.  It is being introduced in a limited edition of 250.

Artist/ designer Guiseppe Vigano created a striking black and white lacquered bedside line, appropriately called, The Eye Collection.

via Interior Design

In the traditional Moroccan culture, as in other cultures, the triangle (embellished or not) represents the eye.  The 5-sided star is a good luck symbol as well.  Today these symbols are often woven into textiles, rugs, baskets, and the like; much as they have been for centuries.  Who are we to tamper with tradition? (Weird, but I hear the song "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof playing in my head suddenly)

Do you like this symbol as a decorative element?  It also happens to make a great piece of jewelry.  "I'm just saying."

Checking In~ The Bedford Post Inn

On Vacationist this week, among other hotels and Inns is a little gem I have been wanting to visit.  (I have a long list of places I want to visit).

When Richard Gere and his wife, Cary Lowell decided to open an Inn, they wanted to create a low key vibe with a concentration on good, wholesome food, wine, and the restorative benefits of yoga.  The Inn at Bedford Post  with its 8 luxury rooms is about an hour outside of Manhattan, nestled on 14 acres of backcountry beauty.  It is calling to me for all those reasons and maybe, a Richard sighting?

With a simple yet upscale design and an emphasis on comfort and romance, Cary and Richard were very hands-on during the design process.  They really want your stay to be a memorable experience.

There are 2 restaurants on the premises.  Both have gotten good reviews.  The more formal Farmhouse Resturant features American cuisine using the best in seasonal ingredients.  The Barn and The Bakery are much more casual for lite bites.

They often hold events, fundraisers, wine pairings, weddings, etc. and have a pre theatre menu if you are going off to Caramoor for a little night music.

The yoga loft has a full schedule of classes and wellness workshops.

There is so much to do in the area...or do nothing.

 Send me your email address if you need an invitation to join the Vacationist site.  Otherwise, look for Richard and me (oh and my husband, Steven too!) at The Inn at Bedford Post .

ph: the Vacationist, Inn at Bedford Post

Missoni's Mission ~

 world domination !  With the upcoming line for Target and it's many, many licensing deals, Missoni is posed to place their brightly colored, heavily patterned look on everything!   Tai and Rosita Missoni, from their factory north of Milan, have been fine tuning knitwear and the Missoni look for generations.

Below, the signature  chevron patterned  knit wear that started it all.  In 1969, Diana Vreeland, the Missoni's mentor and fairy godmother introduced the couple to buyers and fashion insiders from around the world.  She exclaimed, "Look, who said there are only colors? There are tones too!"  That's what set the Missoni's apart and the rest is history.

A first look

They have remained true to their signature style and have done a magnificent job of keeping it relevant over these many years.  Their children and grandchildren, very much a presence in the business, have a hand in that!

The hotly anticipated line for Target  is due in stores September 15th.  What a wonderful collaboration  ~  I'm sure it will be a huge seller .   Like a smiley face, these patterns just make you happy.  In this economy and at very reasonable prices, that's something to smile about.  Best of all,  there's something for everyone who covets the Missoni look..

If you don't feel comfortable wearing the bold, colorful designs, many other options abound:

tabletop ~

Bedding and bath ~

fabrics through  Stark ~

Home ~

Kartell offers their Mademoiselle chair in selected Missoni prints, designed by Philippe Starck and ~

Havaianas sold out of the Missoni flip flops in record time ~ 

Converse got in on the action ~ 

Like mother (or father), like baby ~ 

transportation is a consideration ~


This bike is also part of the Target collection.  For a sneak peak, check out ~

On the Road? Check into one of  several Hotel Missoni's, with more to come ~

Phew, I'm parched.   That's a lot of Missoni!  The sky's the limit on the reach of the brand.

 Pellegrino in conjunction with other top tier Italian companies that express talent and style are designing limited edition labels for their bottles.

 I bet liqueur is next and who knows what else, but I can't wait to see.