Nature Nurtures

We know the health benefits from being in nature.  Those benefits don't stop at the front door.

Biophilic Design (meaning love of nature) is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.  We humans have an innate love of nature, but we are spending less and less time in it!  With longer commutes, more stressful lives, pressures from every direction, including technology, we should make it our mission to seek it out more often.  Being in nature, feeling connected to it, bringing nature indoors, or even having pictures of nature in our living space greatly improves our health on so many levels.  It is a simple (and really pleasurable) way of improving our health and well being.

Studies have shown being around nature improves cognitive function, lowers cortisol and stress hormones, increases mental capacity, creativity and enhances mood.  Bringing it into our home brings with it the same physiological and psychological benefits.

If you want a calming, restorative home, think about how and where you can incorporate more of mother nature's influence.

Can't you just feel your blood pressure dropping?

top photo:Kim Hoyt