What A Tangled Web

Louise Bourgeious spider sculpture

Many have been inspired by the delicacy and beauty of the spider web.

"Beauty can come from the strangest of places, even the most disqusting of places" ~ A. McQueen

Retreat Chair by Louise Campbell

Kiss of the Spider Woman Clutch by Charlotte Olympia
It comes with assorted color inner pouches

Ron Gilad for Moooi lighting@ Mazzo, Amsterdam

David & Co. brooch via 1st Dibs

Spider table by Phil-Frank Design
is made of carbon fiber and is a limited edition of 100

Christian Louboutin

L'Object black spider candle

* FUN FACT ~  the SOD, or Spiders on Drugs Project was an experiment NASA did to see what the webs of spiders would look like, if spiders were given drugs.  I've stayed up nights wondering this very thing!  Artist  Guillaume Lehoux created bowls based on the scientific findings.

Normal  web Bowl

The different drugs the spiders were given

Bowls based on spiders given the above drugs

The spider on Chloral hydrate falls asleep before finishing
his usually very symmetrical web. 

If this isn't a teaching tool, I don't know what is.

Ralph Lauren~ His Unwavering Vision

I am still basking in the afterglow of attending An Evening with Ralph Lauren.  Oprah hosted the event held at Lincoln Center.  It was a continuation of a conversation that the two had started on her talk show.  It ended on a stage in Alice Tully Hall, with tears (mostly by me) and a respect for Ralph and his accomplishments that I can barely put into words.

The two have become good friends and they have quite a lot in common.  Ralph expressed his unwavering vision and belief in himself as the primary reason for his success.  His empire came out of a dream that he himself wanted, a way of life!  He remained vigilant and very focused.

Trust your instincts and stay true to who you are.  

It all starts with the tie story.  Ralph created wide ties when everyone was wearing thin ties.  He created the polo pony logo because he liked the idea of polo and it was classic (remember* create the dream).  Many, especially those at Bloomingdales in NY, whose opinions really mattered to Ralph at the time, wanted him to make some changes; thin the ties a bit and create the ties under their name.  In exchange they would give him a huge order.  Ralph said, "NO!"  Bloomingdales came back to Ralph 6 months later and put in a nice order without changing a thing!

Ralph was the first fashion designer to create a home division in the early 1980's.  He believed in his kind of all American classicism and that extended beyond the closet. His is a lifestyle brand.  He has grown Polo into a muti-billion dollar company because "Style is international."  

Oprah asked Ralph how he keeps himself fresh and relevant after 40 years.  Ralph said, "Fear and not following trends."  Then we were treated to a fashion show featuring the 2012 spring collection.  I am gonna need a sorbet colored boa!

ph; Larry Busacea/Getty Images

Ralph is unapologetic about all his success.  He loves the life he leads and the ability to lead the life he aspired to.  After all, he will tell you ~ he did it by himself, his way.  But what really feeds him besides his family is giving back!

The evening benefitted The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care & Prevention.  The evening was a celebration of Ralph's creative genius and philanthropic endeavors.  Bravo Ralph, here's to you!

And a good time was had by all (again, mostly me)!

all photos by CLI unless otherwise noted.

Word Game

Camomile Hixon

I love the use of words as a decorative element in a room.  They can be high art, witty, funky, descriptive, or just decorative.  The font tells a story as well.  I love the glittery words on canvas that Camomile is known for.  She is a favorite of the Novogratz's.  And speaking of the Novagratz's, they often use words in different forms on many of their projects.

Sixx Design for Bungalow Hotel

via Desire to Inspire

Martha Angus

ph:Douglas Freidman


Kishani Perera

Jenny Holzer's particular kind of art or word series that she calls "truisms," are generally to big for any one interior.  Sometimes it takes entire buildings for Jenny to get her point across.  But one of her pieces is artfully framed below.

Muriel Brandolini

Muriel did it again.  This time she lined the walls of this dining room in fabric after words were beaded onto it in Vietnam.  I believe it is a phrase from a Hemingway novel.  That's called ~ going the extra mile!

Ed Ruscha: Voltage

I love the creative phases with meaning hidden amongst the "ticker tape" symbols that inspired artist Mike Rollins.  Do you think he ever worked on Wall Street?

Can you guess what these paintings say?



1.Jealousy and Anger Shorten Life and Anxiety Brings on Old Age Too Soon
2. If You Want to Slip Into a Round Hole You Must Make a Ball of Yourself

Ed Ruscha

Pattern Play

Yeah or Nay on all the mixed up patterns coexisting together?  I personally like them, but they must be combined in just the right way!  Do not try this at home if you do not know what you're doing or are color blind.


Sig Bergamin

Whether on your back or in a room ~ Make sure the patterns compliment, and do not compete with each other.

Real Simple

via Elle Decor

You achieve this by melding fabrics with SIMILAR color or with DIFFERENT scale, or both.

Dries Van Noten

Muriel Brandolini

This look creates an additional layer of interest .  The melange of pattern is a feast for the eyes BUT it's also not for the timid.


Elle Decor

Mui Mui 

L'Object of My Affection

L'Object pour Fortuny is a new tabletop collection years in the making.  Elad Yifrach, president of L'Object collaborated with the house of Fortuny.  Elad poured over the archival fabrics for inspiration and to see which patterns would best translate into tabletop.

The rich fabrics and beautiful designs are at once old world and contemporary.  Renaissance designer Mariano Fortuny created fashion, fabrics and lighting.  He was a sculptor, photographer, and painter who started out as a set designer.

These opulent fabrics have always made my heart beat a little faster!  The designs have translated magnificently.  The 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman is a Fortuny treasure trove of delights.  The collection will arrive in selected Neiman Marcus stores as well.

“We are really excited to see our fabrics and patterns expressed in a different medium, inspiring a new collection of timeless pieces,” said Mickey Riad, co-owner with Maury Riad, of Fortuny. “Seeing our patterns take on a new life through this collaboration with L’Objet is such a pleasure.”

photo source

I expect under the direction of the Riad brothers and collaborations with notable designers, including one of my favorites, Barry Dixon ~ we will be seeing Fortuny fabrics showing up in fresh and inspiring new ways.

I can't mention Fortuny without pointing out Mariano designed my favorite fixture.


If I light this candle and close my eyes, I can almost imagine myself transported to the Fortuny palazzo in Venice; ALMOST.

Fortuny fabric browser, yep, there's an app for that too!!   I have been saying that a lot lately, haven't I?They also have a nice blog with a pithy title; How High is the Water

all photos, Fortuny unless otherwise noted