Saying Goodbye to Summer

Au Revoir, Sayonara, Ciao to another summer.

I am reminded of all the things I tried to accomplish but didn't, never attempted, never mastered (the book to be read, the photos to be put in albums, the golf game I was going to practice).  I was busy chillaxin...  I'm gonna miss the lazy, hazy days of summer, but am ready to get back to the business at hand, nose to the grindstone, the structure, and the...PAPERWORK.  Luckily, I love what I do and do what I love.

Time to put away ~ 

the statement-making hats to keep the sun out of my eyes (not the ice cream, NEVER)

the candy colored clothing ~

dapper dudes in pastel

the possibility of summer soirées ~

the sandals

the layers of color

the leg baring outfits

the springy floral motifs

and the crazy mani/pedis

It's time to close up the beach house here on the east coast

and soon, very soon,  return to the layered, dark side ~ I can't wait

Have a Great Holiday Weekend ~ Arrivederci

Most photos:Tommy Ton

The Long & Short of It

One of my clients had a great rental in NY.  Unfortunately, the lease and their run in NY came to an end (temporarily, I hope).  We didn't want to put the furniture we had purchased in storage, so we repurposed it ~ in the guest room of their Philadelphia home.

Out with the old and in with the new ~

The bed, vanity and TV easel looked beautiful.  This client likes simple and neutral.  I was given 2 instructions when asked to accessorize the LONG, 15 foot by SHORT 6 inch deep ledge above the closet; make it funky and not overly accessorized.

Since antiquing in the Hampton's went so well, see here, I was able to accomplish exactly what my client had requested.

I often preach the importance of using an odd number of objects but in this case, the 3 wooden vessels along with the addition of the basket for height and a change in texture just felt right.  Many times you just need to think intuitively.

Since the ledge was very narrow, I wanted to hang things on the wall.  This helped create more interest and made for a less cluttered look.
I bought these paintings at the Hampton's Show House shop.  They had a beautiful selection of vintage wares, and these paintings were done by an artist/instructor from Parson's who passed away recently.
People often ask me where I buy things and I always say, "Wherever I can."

The spiny brass sculpture and Murano glass jar were the perfect compliment to each other and created more texture than color, as is the case with the mercury candlesticks above.

To speak to the soft colors in the paintings on the other side of the ledge ~ I brought in assorted vases.  My client wanted very little color, but I felt as though it needed a shot of it along with the texture for visual interest, especially because you were viewing from far away and below, way below, the ledge.

There is an art to accessorizing, and for me it's the most fun part of the job!  Never underestimate its importance in a room.  It's the final layer that helps tell the story and brings all the other elements together!


SHOPPING: The Hampton's

English Country Antiques
26  Snake Hollow Road.  Bridgehampton, NY   (631) 577~0606

If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist.  Chris Mead began shipping antiques from England 20 years ago and hasn't slowed down.  Like a kid in a candy store, I spent hours, literally, studying the new and old; from bedding to a huge assortment of decorative lighting, boxes, and everything in between.  A venerable treasure trove for homeowners and designers alike.

Mecox Gardens made my heart skip a beat as we pulled up to the flagship Southhampton emporium.  With 8 stores around the country selling antiques, reproductions, and repurposed treasures from near and far, you'd be hard pressed to not fall in love!  Their mission is to seamlessly blend the inside and outside, and they do it well.

above & below via Between the Boxwoods

via So Haute

40 Madison St. Sag Harbor, NY (631) 808~3333

Natasha Esch, an interior designer from Los Angeles, and prior to that head of Wilhelmina models, knows a thing or two about style.  The newest home store in Sag Harbor offers beautifully curated spaces with both new and reproduction furniture and accessories.  I especially loved the leather wrapped everything!

above & Below via Mont XIII

Ruby Beets
25 Washington St.  PO Box 1174.  Sag Harbor, NY   (631) 899~3275

Old and new co-exist in this little jewel of a store.  Sharone Einhorne and Honey Wolters have the perfect selection of unusual finishing touches, as well as contemporary murano glass, furniture, and art.  They are always included in everyone's list of favorite "to dos" in the Hamptons

via Habitually Chic

27 Washington St.  Sag Harbor, NY    ( 631) 725~6411                  

Jack Deamer, the owner (not Jed like you would assume), had a beautiful high end selection of antiques and objects'd art.  I was rooting thru a box of framed intaglios that were to die for but a little rich for my blood.  It does warrant another trip though, they all do!

via JED facebook page

Ya'll come back and see how I used what I bought on my shopping trip in a client's home ~ next time

I also checked out ~

Donna Parker Habitat Ltd.
Water Mill, NY

Gustavo Olivieri Antiques
East Hampton, NY

John Salibello
East Hampton, NY

and you should too.  Many of these great stores are on 1st Dibs as well.

ph:CLI unless otherwise noted.

Hampton Designer Showhouse 2012: Part Duex

My favorite room in the house was Robert Passel's.  I don't know if it was the floating bed, the inlaid chest, the assorted Stephanie Odegard pieces, the color combination, or the unbelievable customized wallpaper by Black Crow Studio that caused my heart to skip a beat.  I love Robert's designs.  They are always sophisticated and beautifully curated.

somebody was planning on a little fun :-)

Katie Leede & Co. brings a bohemian, multi-textural, multi-ethnic vibe to her bedroom.  It manages to remain restful while still having a lot going on (I think I just described Katie herself).  I'm calling it ~ Out of Africa meets modern Moroccan.

There were many of versions of this work horse, saw horse desk.

Katie's own Menna fabric was applied to the walls, and along with the curtains trimmed in feathers and the woven shades, they helped frame William Sweetlove's Cloned Dog on the front lawn.  His animal sculptures are seen around the Hamptons.  They all sport backpacks and water bottles as a commentary on climate change.  It is not only a beautiful house, but it is making an environmental statement as well.

Tammy Connor, a talented Alabama designer did a twin bedroom and bath with a rustic sensibility.

I liked the artist studio reference.  You obviously would not use a bathroom in this way (as the women in the room with me pointed out), but it's a show house after all, and sometimes you have to suspend disbelief!  I also liked that the stripes were applied in different directions.  What do you think of this application of the wallpaper in the bedroom?

Downstairs in the basement, TV personality Libby Langdon had a huge space to fill, called the fun room.  The propeller cocktail table was a conversation piece.  It was a nice mix of metal surfaces and antiques.  She cleverly had a tape of her on the Rachel Ray show running on the TV.

It's a shame the lighting was uncooperative in the lounge that Greg McKensie designed.  The hip, mod  space was rooted in classicism, but infused with tactile elements that created a visually exciting environment.  You "have me" at malachite, animal hide, lucite and mirror.  The fabric applied to the walls was a knockout.

I have to admit, I did not understand Lee Najman's game room.  I wish I had some explanation, but it did remind me once again of the Hermes store in Paris ~ So, I had a full circle moment.

to refresh your memory: Hermes, Paris

Ph; CLI, except 7 & 8 courtesy Robert Passel