Carribean Classic

And Now For Something Completely Different~
From the Mountains to the Sea...

Close your eyes and picture the most serene oceanfront property in a tropical setting, with breezes blowing thru the house that was designed for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  That's what Philly's own  Marguerite Rogers had the pleasure of designing on a 4 acre lot in paradise.  The intention was for the  Caribbean property to look classic from the outside with a few surprises thrown in, like the swirled stone patterned drive.

   The picture above is of the entrance to the poolhouse which anchors the property by the ocean.  Behind the beautiful shell encrusted walls to the left and right are the steam room and a bathroom.

The magnificent estate includes a main house, guest house, pool house, and spa in the Georgian and Palladian manor style.

The interior is British Colonial in feel, but with a modern, exotic twist.  Moroccan and Asian influences rest comfortably within.

Paul Ferrante created the lighting based on bird cages that are 5 FEET TALL!  It's hard to tell because the ceiling height in the great room is an incredible 20 feet tall.

A state of the art kitchen was important to the client (or to the chef that travels with the client), while keeping a seamless design statement was important to the designer.  An island in the style of Sir Edwin Lutyens and antique cabinet from Anglo-Raj keeps the professional kitchen looking clean, yet as if outfitted from another time.

"When you mix texture and color and materials, you get interest and depth without things looking busy or cluttered" said Rodgers, and the master bedroom, one of two identical suites displays that sentiment.  Pops of raspberry keep things interesting in this cozy room painted a warm brown.

The master bath is magnificent!  A Kohler infinity tub was sunk right into the foundation with the wooden ledge built as a warm, decorative front.  With the Coralina stone from the Dominican Republic and Venetian chandelier, it helps convey that classic theme

I am adding this image to my visual collection of rooms with a view, that I posted several days ago. Refresh your memory here.  It is certainly as beautiful as any of the views from the tub that I dream about!

The only non ocean facing room is the guest room, so secluded courtyards are the view.

Each space was thoroughly thought out in terms of incorporating state of the art amenities together with the look of a lived in, ethically diverse aesthetic.

McGuire furniture and Janus et Cie outdoor furniture along with antiques were chosen for their ability to "give the sense the people who live here have traveled and appreciate many styles" and also for their sculptural appeal.

A lot of carved doors and windows were used in the pool house.  When they couldn't get the size needed, Meg had them hand made in China to match the older versions.  Nanwood and camphor were the materials of choice.

Perfection!  I can be off the slopes and in a bathing suit within minutes!

ph: via Marguerite Rodgers and The Robb Report

The Mountains are Calling

Atelier AM

While I am cold weary in the Northeast, the mountains of the west feel oh so right.  Funny, I need to go to the Rockies to get "warmed up."  The crisp, fresh air, the smell of burning balsam wood, thinking about the majestic beauty of the snow peaked mountains meeting the blue sky makes me weak in the knees.  When I look at photos of ski chalets I have a visceral reaction.  I have been avoiding it because I wasn't ready to get "too excited," but the time has come.

I'm ready... get set...go

McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier

Nicky Dobree

I love hunkering down amongst all the mountain majesty!  You want to make a design statement while also taking advantage of the surrounding beauty, all the while cocooning yourself in coziness.

Pearson Design Group

John Maniscalco

 What feels right, right now, is the melange of materials that express a western and modern aesthetic. Mountain Homes are not all deer antlers and hand hewn wood (not that there's anything wrong with that), but in my book mountain homes DO most definitely involve roaring fires and fur.

JH Todd Interiors

Knudson Interiors

Pearson Design Group

Pearson Design Group

Centre Sky Architecture

Be still my heart ~~ GONE SKIING

A Screen Siren's Things

Bonham's has the privilege of auctioning off the vast and varied collections belonging to Lauren Bacall, who passed away in August.  The iconic Dakota apartment, which is presently on the market for $26 million, was home to this extraordinary woman and her extraordinary treasures.  Ms. Bacall spent more than 30 years in this apartment overlooking Central Park.

            "This collection is truly a reflection of her extraordinary life and remarkable taste."
Her sitting room was were she received guests.  The walls were covered in an eclectic array of art.  The Calder's live comfortably with a watercolor done by Lauren's friend and godmother to her son, Katherine Hepburn.  The room, more intimate in size, was casual and comfortable, just the way she liked it.

The dining room, decorated like an English country house housed Belle Épogue posters and antique ceramics.

The living room or great room was was just that.  She entertained in this space.  It featured her collection of pewter and African art.  An homage to Bogey?

Leonard Bernstein tickled the ivories on this baby grand piano which is part of the auction.

The painting over the bed was from the home she shared with Bogey in LA in the 40's and 50's.  The paintings on either side are by Henry Moore, and a David Hockney rests over the secretary.

More than 3 million dollars worth of jewelry, real and costume, like these Jean Schlumberger pieces are part of the auction.  It is a small part of a 700 piece lot.

A print, American White Pelican, by artist John James Audubon is estimated at a whopping $40,000.00 to $60,000.00.  The pelican was her favorite bird, and she owned an assortment of things with the image because she thought it possessed dignity, strength and character.  I don't know that I would have ascribed those characteristics to a pelican, but I certainly would describe Ms. Bacall that way.

I predict a collection of more than 25 pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage, some monogramed, with an estimate of $2,500.00-$3,3500.00 will be a highlight!

2 Pembroke Studio Chairs lithograph by David Hockney estimated at $5,000.00 -$7,000.00.  There was an earlier auction this past November showcasing a small part of her art collection.

Ms. Bacall developed a friendship with Henry Moore.  She owned 6 of his statues, and this, which sat on her mantle, is estimated at between $40,000.00 and $60,000.00.  It is a smaller version of a bronze he did.

Picasso's Face in a Square plate and Woman Faced Wood Owl jug, estimated between $6,000.00 and $9,000.00 per are spectacular!

The collection is presently being previewed in London and the auction takes place in New York
 March 31st and April 1st.  Check it out if you are so inclined.

FIT will host an exhibition of her clothing, possibly this Spring.

Jon King, Bonhams' Vice President and Director of Business Development, captured the excitement at the company: 'Bonhams is extremely honored to represent the estate of Lauren Bacall at auction. Ms. Bacall has been not only an international treasure to the public at large, but also a long-time friend to Bonhams over the years. We are looking forward to providing the public with a rare glimpse into Ms. Bacall's formidable collecting sense and intuitive style.'

Ph:via People magazine

50 Shades of Grey

This post is an oldy but a goody.  In honor of the movie release of 50 shades, this weekend,  I am reposting this from March of 2012.  It really stood up over the past few years.  A classic never goes out of style.  The color, not the book.

Gray is a complicated color, like the character in the books I, as well as MANY others cannot seem to put down, the trilogy ~ 50 Shades of Grey.  I am rooting for Grey, cheering him on, championing him.  I am consumed with all things Grey/Gray.....

via AB Interiors

Kelly Hoppen

It's strong and masculine, it's neutral and soft, it's dignified and timeless.  It plays well with other colors and makes a statement standing alone.  It can be warm or cool.  I don't think we give Grey enough credit!

Mary MacDonald via Decorpad

John Lum AIA

Max Azaria via Elle Decor

Don't you wonder about the spelling as well?  Is it Grey or Gray?  The English say Grey, while the Americans say Gray.  But I am told it is fine to use them interchangeably.  Grey aims to please; it can be anything you want it to be ~ it just wants to make you happy.  Gotta love that in a man,  I mean color.

Michael Abrams

via Pinterest

Glen Gissler

So many were raving, I had to see what the commotion was all about; to distract me from my blogs and magazine addiction is a tall order.  Written like pulp fiction, violent and erotic, you are on this roller coaster ride, and you don't want it to end.  Trust me, you are riveted .   

Laters, baby

Now I have to see the movie and decide for myself if all the buzz was worth it.  How about you?