Well Wheeled

De Gournay covered bike 

I am still mourning the theft of my bike, that was locked to a railing on the boardwalk at the New Jersey Shore, 4th of July weekend.  I miss riding along the coast, the wind in my frizzy hair.  So, I am biting the bullet and buying another.  I did not realize how fashionable the bicycle has become.  Designers are really jumping on the growing biking craze, and I'm never one to miss out on a good craze.

This $3,500.00 Gucci number was red hot and sold out overseas.  Specially designed for the Beijing Olympics, the Dutch styled bike was only available in China and Hong Kong, so let's keep looking.

This image doesn't even require words.  Only 50 "bicylettes" were created.  The detachable classic Chanel make up case and bag, included in the $17,000.00 price tag created a frenzy and I 'm sure they were sold out en quelques minutes.

Ahh, Hermes ~ their lacquered signature orange cruiser is less than a Birkin bag.  It seems like a bargain when you look at it like that.  For $4,000.00 you can have a little piece of The House of Hermes.

The Abici Amante Donna Bike from Fendi gives you 2 options.  For those who don't want to spend $9,000.00 for the tricked out version with the fur saddlebags and make up case, for touch ups on the go - you can settle for the $5,000.00 stripped down bike; still a beauty!

If we must get our head out of the clouds and our feet back on the ground, other good options abound.
Count on Cynthia Rowley to design a fashion forward, functional bike (she does everything else!).  The subtle floral pattern and $500.00 price tag would attract any fashionista.

Elie Tahari threw his hat into the ring and designed a bicyle also.  Named after the street his store is on in the Hampton's, the $900.00 Main St. Elite also comes in leopard.  Hmm, I do have a leopard golf bag.

I love the look of this sweet ride by Urban Outfitters.  Totally customizable and a bargain at $399.99,  this could be the one.  Now, I just need a cute basket, a bell, a new lock and a pouch.  It's all in the details!

Oh, and I can't forget the helmet.  Seriously ~ these are helmets, but the fabric is a little weighty for the summer.  I need more of a straw fedora helmet.


Does this airbag helmet make me look fat?

The Hovding 

Speaking of Bikes ~ Check out more fabulous designers jumping on the bike wagon during New York Fashion Week.  In what is being called Tour de Fashion, designers will trick out bikes, and they will be available for use during Fashion Week.

bike photos:Treehugger.com

My, What A Big Clam You Have

Maybe it's the season, maybe the trend is becoming more popular, maybe shells are on my radar but I am loving the use of clam shells in decor. Not just in the typical beach interior either.  I like the unexpected surprise.

Barry Dixon 


Barry Dixon

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Bathrooms seem to be the popular place for them to take up residence but I like them in a MORE unexpected place.

Doyle McCullar

John Derian

via Adobe Love

via Veranda

Beth Martin

Massucco Warner Miller 

Hutton Wilkinson for Tony Duquette

Resin or Real, used to hold something or left empty ~ these shells make their presence felt.  They're graceful lines and naturally beautiful texture become a neutral accessory in a room.  They can be found at all price points. How would you put this clam to use?

Hit The Showers

Ahhh, there's nothing like a shower  ~ al fresco, under the heavens, to keep things in perspective and cool down in this insufferable heat.

The outdoor shower has become a requested luxury when designing a home.  Whether it be a primary home or second home by the beach with a cottage feel~

or a more modernist vibe ~

In a hot, dry desert climate ~

A wooded, mountain home where the weather may be a tad cooler, but the rugged terrain and active lifestyle invite this outdoor bathing ritual ~

An exotic locale, perhaps?  Now this is mandatory and what is MORE relaxing than this?  (With a drink in hand after a massage!)

Remember, wherever this lavish luxury happens to be ~ think privacy.  Obviously screens, hedges, and the like are easy to install and don't require much construction, but there is the possibility to create a WOW factor with a little more creativity.

This wine inspired outdoor shower by Scott Cohen surely takes the homeowner's passion for wine to a whole other level.   I would love to see the rest of the house ~

I love how this will be completely "green" when the vines grow in ~

Also, something to keep in mind.  Your shower should feel like it fits in with the rest of the house.  You don't want it to stick out; you want it to seamlessly blend in.

And maybe not have it so close to the door. While it is beautiful, it's not the focal point.

Keep Cool and Carry On  : )

Spotlight On ~ Lulu DK

And Speaking of Lulu De Kwiatkowski, (as in the last post; here or below) Lulu has quite a prolific design business.  Her bold, colorful, whimsical style is widely recognizable and loved by top designers and retailers.

Lulu DK as she is known, is a designer of wallpaper ~


Carpets and fabrics ~

Emma Jane Pilkington used Moondance on settee

Bedding, decorative pillows, baby ~


 Lulu also designs furniture for Elite Leather ~

creates beautiful large scale collages ~

She recently published a book;  Lulu, of these collages, representing her far flung travels, life, and loves.

And if all this and raising a family isn't enough, Lulu just designed a collection of table tops and towels ~

Slow down Lulu, you're making the rest of us look lazy!

LuLu has another Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane on July 30th, be sure to check it out!