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Spotlight On: Madeline Weinrib

Madeline Weinrib, the granddaughter of the founder of ABC Carpet and Home (one of my favorite stores) is busy with the release of a new wallpaper for Studio Printworks and is covering modernist furniture in her signature ethnic prints for a show in a Chelsea Gallery.  When not globetrotting for inspiration and shopping for vintage textiles, Madeline can be found in her 6th floor atelier in ABC where she sells her beautiful silk pillows, artisanal carpets, accessories, a growing furniture line and fabric by the yard that ( I swear) looks good on ANYTHING!  Madeline is also a trustee of Project Mala, a non profit dedicated to eradicating child labor in the carpet industry.

I never met an Ikat I didn't like!

These pictures, below, from Elle Decor let us glimpse into Madeline's home in NYC.  I love to see how designers/artists live and decorate for themselves.  No doubt her eclectic collections have been gathered from far away places.

Add'l photos: Belle Maison, Apt. therapy

I'm Feeling Blue

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. You're only a day away.

photos: HB, Carolyn Roehm, Miles Redd, Elle Decor

I'm thinkin...Road Trip

I missed the Jeff Koons exhibition at The Palace of Versailles and now it is Takashi Murakami's turn. With the backdrop of Louis XIV's Grand Palace with all it's gilding, crystals, murals and mirrors, the giant cartoon-like sculptures are an unlikely pairing which of course, makes it all the more fabulous!
TM is a prolific, contemporary pop artist who gained a wide following as the collaborator to Marc Jacobs' Vuitton line with his happy, brightly painted images on their signature handbags.

 TM has a studio near Tokyo where he dabbles in painting, sculpting, preformance art, and business, as well as digital and commercial media.  His work spotlights the opposites of East and West, past and present, high brow and low brow, all while remaining amusing and accessible.

When asked what his inspiration was for this particular exhibit, Murakami said he felt a little like the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland with his diabolical grin leading Alice thru the Chateau.

The exhibition runs thru mid December.  I'm running out time!

photos: Chateau Versailles, Ebay, Takashi Murakami

Kips Bay Show House: Part Deux

In my last post I talked about the beauty in the subtle nuances that existed in many of the rooms.
Noel Jeffery's bedroom is another great example.  When you entered you felt enveloped.  It felt cozy, but you didn't know exactly why.  Soon you realized he created rounded curtains in the four corners to soften  the room.


In the his and hers Dressing Rooms designer Darren Henault paid special attention to detail.  The painted mirrored doors in her room mimic the fabric on the chaise in his room.  It created a cohesiveness between the two rooms that I thought was outstanding.

High gloss, lacquer and mirrors always get my attention.


And at the end of the day, who doesn't want a calm refuge from the city?  A 3 sided mirror panel creates endless views at ground level while a green screen creates privacy above.

Kips Bay Show House 2010:Part Un

I love a lot of things and one of them is a good Show House.  In my opinion the Kips Bay Show House is the "Godfather" of  Show Houses. I go to see what those clever New York designers are doing and if I take away a few ideas; all the better!  I thought this year's house showed a lot of interesting, quiet subtlety.


Eve Robinson's kitchen wowed me. I loved the unexpected color and wallpaper. The lighting was spectacular but she "had me" at the ceiling. The kitchen makes a great design lab!

 Always think about the importance of your entrance. It's everyone's first impression of what's to come.

Hallways and niches are great, unexpected places to  explore.

Vincent Wolf did a great job at defining the different seating areas (above) as did Sherrill Canet  (below). She also did something I liked that is very easy to try at home. The walls are painted all one color, in this case blue, but any color works, then a clear gloss was used to create a striped looked.  Simple and effective.

Falling For Autumn

Scott Meacham Wood

        "Come," said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
        "Come over the meadow and we will play.
         Put on your dresses of red and gold.
         For summer is gone and the days grow cold.
                                    - unknown poet

photos: House Beautiful, Barry Dixon,, Bergdorf's

Phillies Mania hits Fevered Pitch

Once again the Philadelphia Phillies took the Divison and are now playing in the NLCS against San Francisco.  I'll admit it, I am a fair weather fan.  I dutifully sit in front of the TV for the 7th and 8th innings, cheering  and caring deeply about a win.  The boys are so talented and cute!  They're down but not out.  It's all anyone can talk about.

From Center City to

The North East Suburbs

From Chestnut Hill to

The Main Line, including:

My client's son's room (It's a work in progress)

Reed Krakoff in a new role

I have been waiting to see what Reed Krakoff was going to do with his 2nd collection for his namesake company.  His first collection was not received very well while he was in the process of opening several stores baring his name.  As the President and Creative Director of Coach, Reed transformed the company. “It’s a very interesting time to re-embrace American design,” Mr. Krakoff says on his web site. “That ability to take something industrial and utilitarian and elevate it.” He did this with an eye towards strong architecture and luxe materials.

The Boxer Bag was influenced by the wraps a boxer wears.  It is one of his design hits.   Mr Krakoff has a strong design aesthetic.  Reed is also influenced by modern interior design.  His stores are furnished with pieces from favorite designers along with his wife, Dalphine's influence.  She is a very well respected interior designer.  " I wanted  to create an environment that was sensual and contemporary without feeling decorated". 

 Definitely look for more posts on Reed and Dalphine Krakoff.  They live a glamorous life, with glamorous friends in glamorous homes.