The Language of Flowers in Feng Shui

If you have been following me on social media you know I did a Facebook live that talked about discarding dead and dried flowers.  I got comments, I got emails.  I truly enjoyed hearing everyone's comments.  It inspired his blog post.  It seems people are quite attached to their floral arrangements.

Fresh flowers are best!  They universally radiate life, healing energy, beauty, renewal, grace.  IF buying and maintaining live arrangements isn't your thing, nice silk ones are an alternative.  Feng shui is all about creating positive CHI or energy.  There was some resistance from dried flower owners.

So, since nothing is black and white, IF somebody had an arrangement they loved, I would never make them throw it out if it looked beautiful, had meaning and was kept in a way that elevated it.  This is the mindful message.  Flowers must look beautiful, otherwise the message is lost.

Some specific flowers have a deeper feng shui meaning ~

Chrysanthemums represent good luck, ease and balance
Narcissus represents "the flowering of one's talent or career."  Good for an office setting!
Orchid represents a classical symbol of fertility and purity, spiritual growth
Cherry Blossoms (fruit bearing branches) represent vitality, health and new beginnings
Peony (my favorite) represents feminine beauty, sensuality
Lotus is the most symbolic flower representing spiritual mastery, harmony and perfection.
Hydrangea represents gratitude and enlightenment
     red ~ love
     yellow ~ friendship
     white ~ purity
     pink ~ admiration

Dried flowers represent death.  They represent stagnation.  It is the wrong kind of energy that is now flowing through your home.  Take stock, make sure everything you have serves you and has a purpose.  Make sure that nothing, including dried flowers are dust collectors or clutter.  You either believe in the energy you are helping to create in your home or you don't, but wouldn't you rather suspend disbelief and do anything you could to create "more good vibes?"  I know I would.

However, if you must hang on to your dried, dead arrangement bring in some fresh flowers to counter balance the positivity we're going for.

There are exceptions to every rule.  If you love something and it holds deep meaning or a special memory, I would never tell you to toss it.  What I would say is, "Elevate it."  Make it beautiful, make it special, make it lovely.  If you have some dried lavender for example (lavender is healing), create a wreath with it.  Tuck it in a beautiful basket, keep it dusted and seal it.  You are changing the energy around it.

Look what can be done with pressed flowers.  Even beautiful painted flowers do the trick.  When you look at this you see creativity and beauty.  Art has life, and these flower petals take on a deeper meaning.  The challenge with dried flowers is to keep it fresh.  That sounds ironic, but there in lies the "yang" or good chi keeping it on the positive side.


Remember, there are no hard and fast rules.  Think of these suggestions like guidelines.  If you think there may be something blocking you in your home, the dried, discolored flowers may be doing it.  They may just be standing in the way of you and whatever.... just sayin

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