American Dream Builders

Speaking of Nate Berkus, he's been very busy with his designing duties, his collection for Target (among others), being photographed with his fiancé, Jeremiah Brent for Banana Republic, and now, hosting American Dream Builders.

Watch a couple of the clips here to see the drama that is about to unfold starting this Sunday night March 23rd.  It looks INTENSE!  Each week, 2 teams of professionals renovate an entire house.  They compete against one another till the last man or woman standing wins an incredible prize.  That kind of impossibly tight time line creates a lot of stress, drama, and tears.  Who will we love?  Who will we hate?  Who will be the diva?  Who will be the underdog?

You may recall that I mentioned when the show was being cast the working title was Home Transformers and I made it thru to round 6.  Then they changed gears.

I jumped at the opportunity and really wanted it at the time, but was afraid simultaneously.  I had every reason to be afraid!  Someone once told me, "Be happy for what you get and be happy for what you don't get."  I repeat those words to myself often.  I will be following along.  Will you join me?  Then we'll discuss...

Besides~ I don't look great in a hard hat.

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