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Stop the Insanity!  No more snow, I'm snow weary!  We can't take it anymore in the Northeast, particularly Philadelphia!  I haven't been warm since October!
I write for, and when I asked them what they wanted me to write about for my next post, this is what they recommended:  some good advice that may make the bitter cold and record snow a little more bearable; a little.

A fire in the fireplace is the first obvious thing to do when you want to feel warm and cozy.  Did you know there are blower attachments to help force the heat generated further into the room?  If you have a ceiling fan, turn it to reverse, and it forces the hot air back down.  Every little bit helps.

Harmony Interiors

Vary the lighting in the room.  In addition to your over head cans, add warm spectrum LED lights or warm ambient accent lighting to your lighting scheme as you start to replace the incandescent bulbs that are beginning to be phased out.

Draw the drapes for insulation.  Heavily interlined curtains go a long way to cut down on drafts and prevent the heat from escaping.  Add a pelmet or cornice board to double the drama, catch the cold, and “create cozy.”  Obviously, open them to let the sun in during the day, though.  We need to see that sun and feel the warmth.  Seasonal affective disorder is at an all time high ( or is it just me?)

Jennifer Bevan

via SAS Interiors

Warm colors make you feel warmer!  Golds, red, oranges (fire elements) take the chill off.  Yellows, the quintessential "warm" color always makes you think of sunshine. Pinks, warm purples, and rust are not out of the question and all work well with neutrals.  Deep browns look rich; being enveloped in them creates immediate warmth.  Play with the hues; caramel, chocolate, mocha, beige, warm whites (I must be hungry).  It's not to late to pull out the paint brush or add an accent in the form of nubby pillows, chunky throws, or accessories that can be switched out as the seasons change.  Think texture as well as warm color.

Kathryn Ireland

A bubble bath and a towel warmed in the dryer first have been saving graces.  Whatever you have to do, extreme weather calls for extreme measures.  Remember, summer will be here before you know it; then we’ll all complain it’s too hot.

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