Good Enough to Eat

Fruit in fashion comes and goes but the artistry of the juicy objects are always fashionable.  With talk of juice bars, clean eating and cleanses at a fevered pitch, you can't avoid it.  Funny how the things we try to avoid are the things we are bombarded by.  I have been trying to stay away from too much fruit, due to its sugar content, but I find myself drawn to the sweet, colorful produce more than ever.

Many a great painter painted some kind of still life incorporating fruit among other objects, but Giuseppe Arcimboldo created portraits entirely of fruit.  The 14th century artist is having somewhat of a renaissance.

One of my favorite wallpapers depicting fruit is William Morris' wood block print from 1866.  It's timeless in nature and beauty.  It greeted me recently in an entrance.

Pierre Frey gives us this brightly colored re edition toile, known as Fruits.  It's quirkiness is, wait for it... a-peel-ing .

Robert Kuo is masterful in making fruit a thing of sculptural beauty.  I have always longed for one of his lacquered pieces!

but it also works well depicted in glass

I never tire of realistic marble fruit as object

Many jewelers create ripe fruit inspired jewelry so scrumptious you don't know whether to wear it or take a bite out of it!

Always mouth watering subject matter

Fruit and Flora is a perfect combination and one I use often when designing a tabletop display.  This room vignette was for a Breast Cancer fundraiser.

Like a Dutch painting, this simple display could not be more beautiful

Side Note: I rarely (never) turn down vodka that has been infused with fruit.

From Paris

to Capri

to Israel

the sweet nectar of the Gods is good in any form.  Luckily, I will be reintroducing it again shortly back into my diet.

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