Easy Peasy Holiday Decor

I'll go to any lengths for a client, but in my own home, I want simple, quick, and easy.  I don't have time to labor over something.  I put together a couple decorating ideas that take NO time to whip up and still have that WOW factor!

House Beautiful

If your decorating matches your interior, you're already half-way there.  Stringing holiday paper bells from the party store or putting fruit ARTFULLY in a bowl, literally takes minutes and looks magnificent!

Carolyn Roehm

Pinecones can be used in a multitude of ways and in most cases can be found right outside your door.

Southern Living

Multiples of things, almost anything, make an impact.  Add some sparkle and you've added the magic!

My goal is to say holiday.  I want to enjoy the spirit and sparkle without saying Christmas.  All these looks can become more Christmas oriented, if that is your goal.

Taking things you already have in different rooms of your home and arranging them on the table as I have done here is a no brainer, AND it's FREE!

Carrie Leskowitz

Same colored flowers broken up into different vases makes a different kind of impact.  This could be a 
great Chanukah look.

Carolyn Roehm

The same holds true for creating a vignette out of like objects in like colors.  This makes a great focal point anywhere you want to draw your guests' eyes; I love the candy

Kevin Sharkey via Martha Stewart

Put something under glass.  This immediately elevates its importance.  These balls work well because there are several sizes.  That helps fill in the gaps and is why it looks so impressive.

Kevin Sharkey

We generally stop seeing the objects in our home that have been in place awhile.  Take a walk thru the rooms in your home.  What works well together that you can move around, place together?  Incorporate some flowers, candles, ornaments and create something completely new.  You'll be amazed!


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