A Headboard Alternative

I am working on a show house apartment and have been giving a lot of thought to how I will fill the space.  It has to be reality based enough that potential renters can see themselves in it, but also have enough of a design voice that it showcases my work within the context of the apartment.

Thus far things are moving along as well as can be expected.  Sometimes begging, borrowing, and renting furniture can be challenging.  Coordinating the available furniture that does come your way is another element that must be carefully considered.  In a perfect world, it would be amazing if you designed a room with all the elements you envision and then are actually able to procure them, but that rarely happens!  You always need a plan B!

I was struggling with a full size bed situation. The room is tiny and very few stores stock full size headboards, let alone one that I was willing to use.  So I started thinking outside the box.  Anyone can put a headboard in a bedroom.  What else…..

Architectural details and reclaimed wood trim from old homes give a space more personality than any upholstered headboard.

Iron gates and grates, especially with a little patina, add a sense of provenance and make for an intriguing statement.

The same holds true for doors and shutters.  The  English, Asian, or French aesthetic layers the look.

Mirrors make perfect sense, and I am probably going in that direction.  They do double duty for expanding the space.

I long to create a short screen for a client that wraps the bed and night tables in softness and comfort but it is not right for this project.

LOVE  this.  A slab of exotic, live edge wood is all you need.  Take it one step further and add a platform.  Magnifiqué

Textiles and tapestries also up the drama of a space, while ironically taking up none.

So, while a store bought bed is the always obvious choice, think about taking the road less traveled. You may be surprised where it leads.

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