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Call me crazy, but I love a funky trend.  I may be getting too old for some, but there is always a way to incorporate a trend in some fashion without going overboard.  This dip dyed look seems to be peaking in popularity.  You know what happens when a trend peaks don't you?

David Collins successfully incorporated the dip dye look into the curtains below.  They really become a focal point because your eye is drawn to them and moves up the panels.  You take note of the ceiling.  Which is, in fact, notable.  If the drapes were all one color, you would not have been drawn to them and the ceiling the same way.

The Connaught, London

The subtle shading is easy to live with, and I like that you don't have to exactly commit to one color.  You get shadings or the gradation from dark to light or vice versa within one or more color families. This look is also called ombre, which literally means shading or shadow in French.  "In fashion" extends to the home as well.  There is always a cross over effect.  Often times, one will influence the other as I talk about frequently.


This does the exact opposite of the curtains above.  Both work beautifully!

via Cococozy

via Girly Modern

woven ombre fabric by Melissa Kirkpatrick

Color Reform Rug via ABC Carpet

via Pinreach

Hepworth + Howard

via Hoard of Trends

via The Berry

Soft and subtle, or bright and bold ~ wearer, beware!  I think this is a trend that more successfully translates to the bed and not the head, but that's just me.  Although, if I was 20 ~ it's awfully cute.

The saturated to soft colors can feel like a modern approach to the look of the tie dyed 60's.  Everything that goes around comes around (but differently, I always say)

This pixelated, ombre colored rug would look fantastic in a multitude of spaces with it's sophisticated grid pattern and color palette.

Kelly Wearstler for The Rug Co.

via The Trendhunter

I'll adopt the look when someone guarantees me I'd look like Kate Beckinsale.  Her dip dyed hair is subtle and beautiful, nice for a slightly older woman.  Key word being~slightly.

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