A Beautiful Banquette

I love a banquette, not only for it's utilitarian usefulness, but also for its ability to raise the wow factor in a room.  You can get really creative with the design of this decorative accent!

The way this banquette follows the line of the stairs, or the way the stairs follow the line of the banquette (chicken or the egg) with it's tufting and unexpected placement is extraordinary.

It's a great little space saver seating solution; simply or over the top.

I love the fact that this banquette is not only built in, matches the cabinets, and follows the line of the design, but it fits in while it stands out ~ not an easy fete.

I have proposed a kitchen banquette for a client.  I want to create a little drama (always), save space, and create more seating.  It's the perfect choice.  The only question is:  How should it look?  Hmmm…more sofa like?

Will it be formal...

… or informal ?  Do you need to save space...

... or do you have space to spare?  LOVE this curved banquette, which technically looks more like a free standing armless sofa, but who cares?  It does exactly what I need it to do.  Notice the nailhead trim on the base; a nice detail.

Is extra storage  a goal?

Or is open and airy your banquette of choice?

How's that for welcoming?  There's no such thing as a  boring banquette!!

You not only create more seating, you create a beautiful "moment."

I never met a banquette I didn't like, you?

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