Knotty and Nice

French for false wood, Faux Bois gets me every time.  Faux or real, I love the knotty nature of the texture, the irregular pattern that somehow always has an elegant visual appeal.  It's timelessness lends itself to any look, any pairing, because trees aren't trendy and nature has no boundaries. 

It is obviously at home in the garden

but when brought inside ~ it unexpectedly sings

Christopher Spitzmiller added an element of surprise to his collection of gorgeous handmade ceramic lamps with the addition of the faux bois line, including cachepots.  Each comes in white, brown, or platinum:  Yes please!

It's roots date back to the French Renaissance.  Concrete, mortar, and chicken wire were first used to create that log look that could very well be considered a form of 3 dimensional trompe l'oeil.  Haughty or humble, going against the grain makes for a more interesting composition.

George Sellers, a dallas based artist  casts "other wordly" faux bois sculptures with grace and wit.  A polymer material makes them suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.  "I wanted something to be fantastical, but I didn't want it to be cartoonish."  The crape myrtle inspired designs were pushed a bit for a somewhat surreal quality.

The printed or silkscreened wood grain design is wonderfully whimsical.  It's irregular grainy nature conjures images of walks in the woods or a rustic garden party.  At home in an elegant domicile or industrial loft, 18th century Asian or mid century modern interior, this warm, gnarly design is well, gnarly.


Ross Sveback

Curry and Company has a plethora of great pieces.

Richard Woods works his faux bois magic and turns anything into a wooden like wonder.  His eco natural art installations question the plasticity or artificiality of the world around us and how the environment can slant to meet the work.  Richard seems to be making a real statement in the UK, I just see one man's take on elevating an everyday material into art; high art, pop art, interpretive art.

Sonya Winner Rug


Aluminum and porcelain get in on the act ~ beautifully

George Sacaris

I used these in a client's non working fireplace and they're amazing!

Reid Klein

Many textile companies do some form of the popular pattern.  Crazy colors or neutral realism, there's something for everyone, and it infuses a hipness into an environment.

Old World Weavers

Carrier & Co.

and the ever popular, always fabulous, never trendy  Nobilis wallpaper

via la Dolce Vita

It's a great way to bring a little of the outside in!

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