An Homage to Hollywood


Lights, Camera, Action~

It's mid March and in Philadelphia, that means 1 thing:  The Philadelphia Flower Show, now in it's 186th year!  How is that possible?  The theme for 2015 was "Celebrating the Movies."  All of the exhibitors took their cues from beloved Disney and Pixar films, some more literal than others.

After walking the red carpet you are wisked away to an otherworldly place full of sights, sounds, and smells so intoxicating you soon forget you literally just came in from the cold!

My picks for most visually appealing are ~

Stoney Bank Nurseries presents Chinese Blossoms ~

Inchscape, of Malaysa, presents Prince of Persia ~

Waldor Orchids presents Peter Pan ~

Irwin Landscaping of Delaware presents Pooh's Honey Depot ~

Leon Kluge Design from South Africa presents A Maleficent View ~

Hunter Hayes display "Let's get together," inspired by The Parent Trap

Designs by David featured Ratatouille in a tabletop and water display that was over the top ~

There are always other, smaller categories like container plants, topiaries, miniatures.  I like window boxes, ikebana (that will be a post in and of itself) and these ~

floral arrangement inspired by Thor ~ I thought this was wonderfully executed!

petal collages ~

Room Vignettes featuring floral display ~

Schaffer Designs created A Nightmare before Christmas extravaganza in several parts ~

peep thru the skeleton's eyes

and this is what's inside 

Best in Show goes to the prettiest junkyard I've ever seen~ locals, Burke Brothers Landscaping, presenting Route 66; chickens and all ~

Now, I expect the snow to melt and Spring to spring!  It's the natural order of things!

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