Manifestation Monday

We all have dreams, aspirations for ourselves and our future.  Why do some of us reach our goals and see our dreams come true while others never reach theirs?  Can you change your path  Can you manifest your dreams into reality?  How?

This seems obvious, but I am seeing many of us say we want to change, but we really (really) aren't willing to do the work!

SAY IT, be as specific as possible.  WRITE IT down.  VISUALIZE IT ~ become it (the goal).
LIVE IT ~  like you already accomplished it.  CREATE A VISION BOARD.  And most importantly, and I think the hardest thing to be is ~ LET IT GO ~ be unattached to the outcome.

That has eluded me.  I am learning you must come from a place of peace!  I was always grasping, trying to will things to happen.  All that yearning doesn't work.  You have to be completely at peace with the outcome and then (I am told), your dreams may actually come true.  The universe hears you and responds in kind.

My education into life coach-dom continues to fascinate me.  That's another beautiful thing about growing and learning new skills.  It helps you live life to it's fullest!

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