Cool Pool (House)

Pool houses are like little jewel boxes.  They can be a sculpture or exclamation point at the end of a pool. 
They serve as entertaining spaces that need to look good, feel good, function well, and are a breeze to maintain.

I am always enthralled by Reed and Delphine Krakoff's designs.  Their aesthetic, individually and as a design duo, is top notch.  The pool house in their Southampton home (above and below) get the same attention as their homes.  Great art and top tier designer pieces occupy indoor and outdoor real estate.  As it should be!

Free standing or literally an extension of the main home, most would say it should maintain the same aesthetic, keeping in mind cohesiveness and connectedness to the home and grounds.  I reside in that camp, but a strong argument could be made for having the look be complimentary rather than matchy, or have a distinct design flair of its own.

The living roof helps this pool house blend right into the landscape.  These "auxiliary" spaces have  evolved from changing rooms to in some cases  fully functioning guest homes with kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, gyms, theaters, gaming areas, etc.


If the construction, materials, fittings and fixtures are the same, you can include this very valuable extra space as added square footage to your home's footprint.

Commune Design, ph:Roger Davies

ph:Adrian Gaut

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan's much published pool house in Shelter Island.  They talk about long lazy days spent relaxing with friends and watching the sunset.  These  moments, made more comfortable, improve one's quality of life and are priceless!

Tortorella Pools

Doric columns, stone, stucco, and bamboo transport you overseas.  That's the beauty of a pool house. ~ its possibilities are limitless.

ph:Oberto Gili

Greenhouse turned pool house ~ it just makes sense

Timothy Corrigan,

The inside or inside/out decor run the gamut from luxe to laid back.  Again, a reflection upon you, but by nature pool houses do tend to be a little more relaxed.  I think the most successful designs have a seamless look from inside out and vice versa.

A powder room and changing room look positively posh in this European inspired twin tower pool house in Lyme Connecticut.  A black bottom pool doubles the drama.

phs: Kindra Clineff

An artist studio is housed on the second floor of this pool house proving once again that you can use it for ANY activity when you need a little extra space.  I love the idea that this "outer house" becomes seasonless.

Tom O'Donoghue Assoc.

Some pool houses can be mistaken for the main house!

For those in the camp that a pool house can be what ever you want it to be; a fantasy, inspired by something you saw on a trip, of another time or place; go for it!  Inject a little of your personality into your property!

ph:Chris Meech

This rustic pool house was designed to co exist with the converted barn on the property, not compete.

Mala Sanders, ph:Michael Heller

There's no right or wrong, no dos or don'ts.  Statement making pool houses, no matter the style make a splash!

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