Holiday House 2015~ Part 1

Since 2008, Holiday House has grown into a dynamic show house with talented top tier designers, inspired by a holiday, to benefit breast cancer research.  Each year the bar is raised a little higher.  This year was no exception, and was I impressed!

Jenny Dina Kirchner's ladies lounge (above) packed a punch!  She made the most out of a small space.  All Hallows Eve was her holiday with an angels and saints theme.  The furniture and textiles were from Donghia, and eye popping art by Ginestroni.  She wanted a "fun, funky, wild space."  She got (created) it.

The "St Andrews Day" grand salon by James Riner celebrates all things Scottish.  One of the sponsors of Holiday House is the Scottish Luxury Brand Council, so it was fitting that James paid homage to them when creating a relaxed, inviting, multi tasking room.  A room for relaxation and entertaining, heavy with pops of primary color, warm woods and rich plaids.

Nothing says Boxing Day like beautiful ribbon clad boxes cleverly piled high in the fireplace; promises of gifts for the help that inevitably would have lived there in a different time.  Warm wood paneling, leaded glass windows, beautiful European mid-century antiques, hints of lavender and mint, sumptuous textiles, and a striking painting by Mary Nelson Sinclair are all parts of the carefully curated library, completely reflective of  Robert Passel's  warm, refined livable spaces.

 Snow Day was this year's holiday for Bjorn Bjornsson's dining room.  Wrapped in white, crystal, Christopher Guy furniture and mirror, it's a nice place to cuddle up on a "snow day."  One of the nice things about this particular show house is that it is in the same place, the Academy Mansion, year after year.  I get a kick out of seeing different designers put their stamp on these same spaces.  The bones of the dining or sitting room always make it a stand out.  You have to keep that in mind when making a strong design statement; keeping your attention at eye level when grounding the room.

Champion Platt's therapist's office is a "Turkish delight."  Inspired by Nardoqan, the Turkish winter solstice.  It is said that is when the darkness and evil are defeated by the emergence of the new sun.  The warm, cozy room is enveloped in symbolism: intricate Turkish rugs, a shadowy palette, and unexpected function set you on a transformational journey from darkness to light. 

I have been in a therapist's office a time or two ~ I wish it looked like this.  Think of how open you would feel enveloped in a beautifully decorated, calm environment!

Stay tune for Part deux

photos: via Alan Barry, CoolHunting, CLI

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