I Miss You

Well Hello~

I  have missed you!  This is the longest break I have ever taken in the 5 years I have been blogging.  It felt stressful to think about writing blog posts while I was trying to create a new website, write copy, take photos, as well as do all the work I do in day.  Being true to myself and this new path I am on is all about feeling a sense of freedom, avoiding unnecessary stress, operating from a place of joy and peace.  I knew it was better for my well being to take a break than give you less than 100%.

I'm Back~

but on a limited schedule for a bit longer.  Setting intentions and figuring out a new path requires stillness.  Sometimes when you step away from something you realize what it truly means.  This blog is a part of me, and I get a great deal of pleasure sharing it with you.  My blog, like myself is fluid.  I (we) change, we grow, we stop, we start ~ and it's all OK.  We can be so hard on ourselves!  I have vowed to lighten up, give myself permission to do what feels right to me.

I am excited for the new website and my message of mindfulness in and out of the home.  In the meantime, until I am up and running at full speed, I will keep you abreast of what is going on "in my neck of the woods"

Stay Tuned....

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