L'Amour et Savior Vivre

Love and the art of knowing how to live well ~ the essence of how to live well, setting the intention, whether setting a beautiful table, surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy, making the most beautiful home you can, caring about going that extra step ~ whatever that looks like.  That essence is Juliska's motto: L'amour et savior vivre as they say.

I love the video about the story of Juliska and its founders, Capucine and David  Gooding ~ it's a love story wrapped within a story of creativity, drive, hard work and ultimately success.


"We believe in savoring the moment, loving your life, being bold, making your own rules and always finding reasons to celebrate!"

I always admired the pieces that came out of Juliska's factory, including the handmade quality, the beauty in the simplicity of the glass, the European essence of their toile and marbleized collection.  I am enamored with this couple, their backstory and the manifesto or message that guides their business and has led them to celebrate life's journey with the same joie de vie or love of living well.  Beauty and integrity go hand in hand.  I can get behind that!

There is a promotion on Gilt.com right now in the form of a discount for Juliska products. This is a wonderful opportunity to stock up before the holiday.  I am just helping spread the  💖.

This is what Living Beauti~FULLY is all about, making the everyday extraordinary!

 You're welcome!

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