Om for the Home

I am busy tweaking my talk scheduled for Thursday April 20th.  I am equal parts nervous and excited.  Nervous because I have never done much public speaking, but excited because I plan on doing more!  I want to "think big, play big."  If I talk to 12 or 1200, no matter.  I am going to do the best I can coming to it professionally and with integrity.  I titled it "Om for the Home" because when we hear the word Om we think of balance and a state of zen.  It's a strong vibrational word.  Vibrations are energy and energy is what our home houses.  The beauty is, we get to decide what this energy looks like.

I read a quote  once that said, "If  we go around chanting the word Om, the air around us will sparkle."  I do love sparkles!

Wish me luck!

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