Dreaming BIG in Chocolate

Did you know July 7th is National Chocolate Day?  Neither did I till I saw it where I get all my news now ~ social media.  It is perfect timing because I discovered not only the perfect chocolate for any gift giving occasion, but one with an inspirational backstory as well ~ all wrapped together in pretty perfect packaging.

Maggie Louise Confections is an Austin, TX based company that makes haute custom designed chocolates.  Maggie Callahan, the Cordon Bleu trained chocolatier firecracker is the woman behind the sweet brand.  Combining art and science inspires the whimsical designs that are not only a visual feast for the eye, but also have the power to soothe the soul.

Not unlike a fashion line, new collections are introduced seasonally.  Maggie is inspired by fashion, travel, entertainment, iconic references; some with a nostalgic twist.  Customization is also a big part of the business.

What I am truly inspired by, besides the obvious, is Maggie's journey from Harvard educated lawyer to confectioner.  She followed her passion, melded her analytical side with her creative side, and broke rules along the way in order to live happily and authentically.

The Going Bananas gift box benefits St. Jude's Children's Hospital, a charity which is near and dear to my heart since visiting there several years ago.  If you are interested, see the post here.  Maggie Louise Confections collaborates with artists, organizations, and celebrities in an effort to raise awareness, raise money, or simply to raise the fun factor!

The black and white packaging and the decor of the store are as fashion forward as the artisanal  chocolates made within.  This helps create a rich, full, indulgent experience.  After all isn't that what it's all about?  The candy atelier transports you out of Austin and into a Parisian salon, with its graphic, Art Deco references and jewelry like display cases.

How are you dreaming BIG?  Are you breaking the rules and following your passion?

I'm certainly inspired (and hungry).  You do know chocolate is good for you too, right?  Do what's right ~ we all have the power within to be happy and live authentically and beauty~FULLY!

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