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 Why do we settle for bland when we can have beautiful?  Everyday items we routinely look at get a decorative facelift from designers, stylists and artists.  We are all familiar with product designers who elevate the utilitarian, like Philip Starck;  I like when a common object is changed just enough to make you look at it differently. 
Reach by Design was created as a limited edition collection of fun, colorful toothbrushes by the likes of Celerie Kimble and Christian "that's fierce" Siriano.

Why have I been settling for boring beige when I can sport a sequined, gold chain, or lace looking band aid on my boo boo? Cynthia Rowley for Band Aid.

How many years have we just accepted the plain white diaper or ones with Sesame Street characters? Sophisticated babies crave to be more elegant.  Cynthia Rowley does it again with 11 styles for Pampers. Look for ruffles, madras and stripes, among others.

A wealthy Gulf Stream owner must have felt the same way; why not commission an artist to personalize my toy?  This really says, "I am unique!"  I would also feel much safer in the plane enveloped in hearts.

I like options; always have, always will.  At the end of my well-lived life, I may either be turned into a diamond (my kids think that's goofy, so I probably won't go that route) or at the very least, I would want to explore the idea of a decorative coffin.  No plain pine box for me; besides toile is timeless!

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