Tips for Thanksgiving Entertaining

Keeping it simple is the theme.  If you are like a lot of people who feel overwhelmed or just not that interested in making a big fuss, here are a few more SUBTLE, EASY ideas that your guests will notice

Zinke Design

Create a self serve bar

  Create layered lighting; from candles, sconces, table lamps, chandeliers and DIM the overheads.
Tip~ freeze your tapers a couple days ahead and it will prevent them from dripping all over.  No scented candles!

Pink lightbulbs cast a nice glow and the color looks good on everyone.

Add flowers or a plant in different parts the house, not just as the centerpiece.  They really add life to a room.
For example, the powder room, at the bar, near the entrance.

Rod Winter for Kips Bay Show House

Warm, cozy scents make people feel welcome. Cinnamon is great, pinecones work well or mulling spices on the stove.

One of my personal favorites is to turn Yule Log on the TV. I find it very relaxing and isn't that the goal when family gets together? 

If you prefer, Artscreen will turn your TV into a beautifully framed rotating art gallery.

Gather similar items and arrange them on a tray or in apothecary jars.  It elevates their importance.  The same can be said for disjointed items.  If you arrange them on a tray it immediately creates a meaningful collection. 

The point is to arouse all your guests senses.  No matter what happens they will remember the house felt inviting!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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