A Rubber Band Stream of Consciousness

I was looking down at my wrist and on it is a princess silly bandz (it doesn't matter why I was wearing it or how it got there as it pertains to my story), and I thought, "AHHHHH, it just takes an idea; one good idea!"  As I contemplated this, I recalled the rubber band table that I always thought was so fun.  You could totally make this yourself.  It's great in a kids room!


Which then made me think, "What else has been done with rubber bands?"
Lighting by Orchard Studio~

Shelves by Arianna Vivenzios~

Rubber band furniture, like this chair from designer Tom Dixon~

But why stop there?  How about clothing?~

Margarita Mileva thinking outside the box.  She does incredible jewelry as well.  Check out her Etsy store.

The ultimate expression of art, a sculpture made with rubber bands by Agnes Stansfield.
I don't know what she intended, but I surely am thinking, "Being pulled in both directions."  But we wouldn't know about that would we?

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