Trendspotting~ Peacock Feathers

I have been seeing Peacock feathers everywhere.  The trend started over a year ago. Visionaries "create a buzz", then the trend (whatever it may be) trickles down and trickles down until the market becomes over saturated.  That is the nature of a trend.  We're just about there.

Peacock Feathers symbolize decadence and pride.  The jewel tone color combination IS timelessly beautiful.  

Ragland Hill Social

Matthew Williamson 

The Greek's believed Peacock feathers symbolize all knowing, all seeing because the Greek God Hera placed "eyes" on their feathers. The Hindu's associate Peacock feathers with the God Lakshmie.  The feathers represent kindness, patience and good fortune.  The Buddhist's believe that when the birds display their feathers, it is a sign of openness.  And because the birds can eat poisonous plants with no ill effects, that represents immortality.

Matthew Williamson

Elle Decor


Robert Verdi for Kips Bay

Decor Arts Now
Sculpture via 1st Dibs

I will never get tired of seeing those beautiful birds or the lovely color combination of their feather display, but everything in moderation!

photos not captioned~credit unknown.  
If it's yours, tell me & I'll post it.

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