More is More: Holiday Gifts

Every year Neiman Marcus comes up with the most extravagant gift ideas for the person who has everything.  In this year's catalog, Dale Chilhuly, one of the best and most commercially successful glass artists, will do a 22 x 12 foot glass installation at the bottom of your pool for a cool $1,500,00.00.
If you want to be even cooler ~ take the whole house.  It is being offered for sale with the installation already there, as well as one of Dale's famous light fixtures for a mere $24,000,000.00.  More on Dale in another post.

Aqua Liana, the name of the home in Manalapan, FL means "Water Flower" in Tahitian.  After seeing these pictures it does look as if you're on a Tahitian Holiday on the Atlantic Ocean.

You need not worry about deciding whether to have beach front property or be on the Intercoastal  to park your yacht; you can have both!

This 15,000 sq. ft. house boasts 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and 2 glass elevators.  There is a 2,000 gallon salt water fish tank that winds around the outside of the kitchen and creates a wet bar.  There is also a separate catering kitchen.

The bedroom alone is 2,180 sq. ft. with a wrap around view extending into the his and her bathrooms.

Below is the very large garage that allows you to peer into the  pool.

 There are even swimmable water gardens.  The house is LEED certified.  Exotic woods and "the best of everything" were used throughout, including an ultra smart automation system; a smart home, with built in biofeedback.  How does that work?

Any Takers??

(When I started this story the house was for sale, now it appears to have sold for a secret,  record price).

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