You're Getting Sleepy...

Kelly Wearstler

With its hypnotic quality, these concentric circles and squares are at once soothing and jarring (in a good way).  By definition, each has the same center point, one shape fits inside the other and are of equal distance apart.

Tom Scheerer

I like the way the concentric shapes in the above pictures are balanced out by the vertical and horizontal lines of the  zebra rug and wooden beams.  It becomes one design element in the room, not THE design element.

The Mark, NYC

Jennifer Garriques & Diana El Daher


Lichten Craig

I think I prefer the circles to the squares.  Although they all make my head spin!  Circles or curves of any kind convey a warmth or have a calming effect.  The squares create tension, but in design sometimes that's a good thing.

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