Trendspotting ~ Of Talons and Turbans

Taking flight this season is the resurrection of the turban.  It never really went away per say, it's just been laying low and (this is the one I don't get), bird-like outfits are the way to go for some who are looking to attract pray, I mean attention.

Most designers sent some kind of a turban or head wrap down the runway for their Spring shows.

And apparently, Anna Dello Russo, the Editor-at-Large for Vogue Japan keeps showing up at events in these bird like outfits.  It takes a confident woman to make these bold fashion choices.

In either case, you better own the look or don't bother.

For some, combining the turban and the bird is not out of the question.  Yes, that was an actually pheasant at one time.

If you're choosing Alexander McQueen, you're no wallflower; you're rockin' it!  Never one to shy away from the fashionably absurd, he created art to wear.  These shoes are fierce and angelic simultaneously!

But this?  Not so much!

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