Aspen and LA; Perfect Together

I'm off to LA for the Design Bloggers Conference.  This is the first of its kind.  Seminars include:
         The impact of blogging
         Blogging with the stars, popular bloggers who have paved the way
         The business of blogging, you can make $ at this
         How to build/ promote your business
         Foundations for success
I am really excited to meet other design bloggers; kindred spirits, if you will.   People whose blogs I read and admire.  When you do something well, it looks so easy.  I had no idea when I jumped in how immense an undertaking this would be, but I love it!  Everyday I get excited about my next story, and all I want to do is share it with you.  I will no doubt come back full of inspiration and armed with the knowledge to be a better blogger.  I'm sure we'll laugh, cry, and share stories; hopefully all with a martini in hand.  Stay tuned for updates from LA!  The fun doesn't stop there.  I'll be buried under tons of snow the following week skiing and frolicking.  What a roller coaster ride...

 Well, the roller coaster ride has begun and I haven't left Philly yet.  Our flight out of Phila. was canceled due to  high winds and thunderstorms, Aspen is getting "dumped on", a technical term meaning heavy snow, so the airport is closed.  I am considering going from Chicago right to LA. WHAT TO DO??

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