My Aspen Love Affair...2 in a series

I have always been drawn to this Victorian House.  It is not my taste, but you cannot ignore the beauty and workmanship that went into this Queen Anne style gem.

I have admired the outside for years, and because it just went on the market, I now get to tour the inside.  It is exactly how I imagined it would be; state of the art amenities mixed with period antiques.

The Queen Anne Victorian is more of a period (C.1840-1900) rather than a style.  Advanced woodworking techniques and tools brought about the desire for elaborate details like the gingerbread carvings and ornate metalwork.

Gabled roofs, turrets, bay windows, wrap around porches, beveled and stained glass, and fretwork are all indicative of the Queen Anne look.

I love the patina on the copper and how it matches all the woodwork.  You can see that no detail was overlooked; right down to the heated sidewalks.

The interiors are done in a grand manner with what I imagine are French and Italian antiques.

The  Early Victorian interiors tend to be dark and romantic with richly carved wooden moldings and furniture.  There was a move towards more rounded, ample furniture in abundantly decorated rooms.

 I want to know where the refrigerator came from!

I knew it had a spectacular roof deck, which it does, but what's more spectacular are the views!

Photos: Mason & Morse Real Estate, CLI

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