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I was introduced to so many exciting things at Blogfest which I will be introducing you to for as long as it takes.  Hot off the press:  Lee Jofa has been busy collaborating with designers to bring an aesthetic to the marketplace that is innovative and fresh.  Well, Lilly Pulitzer is fresh as a cool breeze on a hot, lazy afternoon.

What do you do when you have oranges?  You make orange juice.  And what do you do when you spill said orange juice on yourself?  You make shift dresses to disguise the stain.  That Lilly was a smart girl!  It all starts with an idea!  Fifty years later, Lilly is moving indoors.  Why didn't any one think of this sooner?

Everything starts with an inspiration board ~

Did you know the word Lilly is incorporated into every fabric pattern?  I didn't.  It is shown in marker below just so you can see how well it's hidden

A beautiful vignette was set up in the showroom.  For me personally, a little goes a long way; but it is fresh, flirty and fun.  Wonderful embroidery, ginghams, florals, trellis and coral prints are among Lilly's most popular patterns.

All these fabulous fabrics should be rolling into the showrooms any day.  There are many more wonderful collaborations to come.  I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What do you think of the Lilly Pulitzer fabric collection?

photos: CLI

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  1. Like you, I think a little goes a long way. But I'll bet it's a big hit in the South! Great pics - I missed this presentation completely!