Sub-Zero & Wolf, A Perfect Pairing

Sub-Zero and Wolf will be hosting an event called Wine Down Art Live.  While we sample epicurean delights with wine pairings and watch artists create original works of art before our eyes (as I understand it), we will be educated on the superior performance and wise investment a Sub-Zero/Wolf product would be in a kitchen design.  A good designer already knows the value of the Sub-Zero/Wolf brand!  The striking commercial design is inspirational.  The beauty of the stainless steel is artistic and the range of products compliments any style.

The showroom in New York is a "hands on" resource center.  The companies' interactive tools help you every step of the way.  The showroom kitchen was designed by Mick DeGiulio, who I have long been a fan of.  Mick's work, just like Sub-Zero/Wolf's appliances is impeccable.  Mick's extensive travel has fueled his passion for not only designing unique kitchen furniture, but no doubt cooking too.

 A sample of Mick's projects:

Mick's award winning designs often feature the Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.  Therefore, he must be a fan!  And since I am a fan of his, er go, I am a fan of Sub-Zero/Wolf!   I do know they are an industry leader and a top choice among top chefs.  I can't decide if I love the glass front refrigerator door or the furniture look it's hidden behind.  I'll have a chance to decide during the multi media experience.

all photos: via Mick DeGiulio

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