Dining By Design 2012 ~ Part Deux


Minimalist zen space by architect  David Ling.  A clever use of corrugated light boxes and niches.  All you have to do is pull up a railroad tie and have a seat

Fine rooftop dining replete with a pigeon or two by another architect, Arpad Baksa.  The attention to detail did not go unnoticed.

Libby Langdon for Liebherr combined two of my favorite things ~ great lighting by the way of a wine bottle installation by By Gordon Living and Ikat for a rustic elegant effect.  Note to self:  find a client who can use this fixture!

And speaking of elegant, Maya Romanoff  does what they do best ~ Simply elegant, sophisticated, fashion forward wall coverings rooted in nature, inspiring my favorite table.  Their bedazzled paper was the perfect compliment to the melange of elements.

Mark Cunningham's table honoring the Ralph Lauren EVP and chief creative officer Alfredo Paredes.
DIFFA's  Dining by Design 2012  was honoring Mr. Paredes for his many years of service as a trustee.

And... the Ralph Lauren room, not just a tablescape, never disappoints.  That's what I love about RL, they (he) always want to set the stage for an experience.  No matter that is was an unseasonably warm March day.  The icicles, frost, and fire made me long for winter to last a little longer.

Let's talk more about Alfredo Paredes next time, shall we?


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  1. Love the idea of bringing nature indoors! I just found a Schumacher wallpaper on our site with birds (A-Twitter - Summer) in branches the other day and this reminds me so much of it!