Spring Forecast ~ by Pantone

Pantone's predictions for the spring palette have inspired me once again.  With the forecasters' & influencers' candy colored confections arriving in stores, fashion ~ home and runway, is taking a decidedly BRIGHT turn.  I'm all in.

Yellow = happy, no matter what is "on trend" ~

Jamie Drake: it's an oldie but a goodie

Lizette Marie ID

The color of the year speaks loud and clear ~

Jeffery Bilhuber

ph: Brandon Barré 

Mint means business this coming season ~

via Elle Decor

via Edyta & Co.

A bold Blue melange of shiny and matte ~

via  Homeklondike.com

ph: Greg Scheidemann

Lilac always looks soft, subtle, and sophisticated ~

Brett Beldock

John Saladino

Whether you consider yourself a "color" person or not, there's something to be said for a shot of it.  It can be the perfect pick me up, especially as spring draws near.  Use a lot or use a little, the key is to temper it with black, white or any neutral (I love grey or beige), just to tone it down a bit.

If you're going for that dramatic monochromatic look, remember ~ texture, texture and texture


  1. GREAT PICS:) I really adore your blog..so much nice inspiration. I wish you a lovely week:)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  2. Love the spring colors! And the pictures are stunning! We just did a feature on resort-themed indoor/outdoor fabrics on our facebook and google+ pages! Hopefully the colors will coax spring out!