McQueen Bee

Call it a coincidence, call it serendipity, call it "great minds..." While I was writing my story on the fabulousness of the honeycomb or hexagon shape, a pregnant Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was sending beautiful beekeepers down the runway in Paris!  She must have heard the same "buzz" about the bee shortage.  Literally, 30% of the world wide bee population has died off!  All Sarah's little worker bees were busy readying the runway and outfitting the models in waist accentuating belts, corsets, cages, and dramatic jeweled silhouettes with a honey of a theme indicative of the late, great McQueen.

Gold bees adorned many of the accessories.  The tortoise shell harnesses, while hard for anyone who is not a waif to wear, were spectacular.

Talk about raising awareness.  I doubt that was her intention, but the John Maybury film showing swarming bees playing in the background quite literally took you through the bees swarming in a frenzy to referencing bees pollenating flowers as big crinoline floral dresses closed the show.


ph: Monica Feudi; close ups, Marcus Tondo for

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